Carleton University Butterfly Exhibit 2012 – starts Saturday

Carleton University Butterfly Exhibit 2012

This is a repost of the original August 29th, 2012 posting. I am hoping to get to the exhibit a few times in the next week. Will be adding links to any additional uploaded images as the next week progresses.

Ed Bruggink of the Carleton University Biology Department has confirmed this week that final preparations are underway for another “Live” Tropical Butterfly event September 29th to October 8th inclusive in the H.H. Nesbitt Biology Building on the Carleton University campus. (Location)

If you find it difficult to wait until September 29th, 2012 to get a glimpse of some exotic butterflies, here are some images from last year: Day 2 of 2011 Butterfly Show at Carleton University

More info to follow in a week or two. Stay tuned.


October 8th – Last day of the exhibit for 2012 – As in other years, people had to be turned away after about 3PM in order to get everyone through the exhibit before shutting the doors to allow the butterflies  to find places to roost among the foliage for their overnight stay. Last Day images now uploaded here.

October 5th – Day 7 of Exhibit – Weather has continued to cooperate and the attendance has continued to be robust with line-ups increasing in length towards the end of the day. Day 7 images now uploaded here.

October 1st – Day 3 of Exhibit – Weather and butterflies both continued to cooperate.  Although line-ups were beginning to form later in the day, the wait times were still less than half an hour in general and ebbed and flowed based on the number and timing of the scheduled group visits. Day 3 images now uploaded here.

September 29th – Morning started off rather foggy and a bit overcast but by 9AM the sun started to warm things up and the butterflies in the greenhouse began to spread their wings.   This is just one of many shots from today’s activity. Will be uploading more from today’s outing as soon as I have a bit more time. Day 1 now uploaded here.

September 7th – Poster added – Click on the poster if you want a printable version.

Official Carleton University butterfly website

One of my many ongoing projects is to photograph as many of the various species of butterflies as I can and add them to our website in an organized fashion. Forty or so entries have been added to my butterfly species grouping so far but since I have 200 species or so of butterflies photographed in natural or artificial settings, the task still has a long way to go until completion. Most of the neotropical species were photographed in butterfly exhibits. I would like to make a couple of trips into the rainforest in the future which might allow me to photograph many of these species in the wild. Butterflies by species project.




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  1. Christina says:

    Hi Ron! Maybe I’ll run into you again this year. Went today, and for noon it was quiet. There were also no lineups which was weird! They have a very pretty bright orange butterfly in the exhibit this year. I had a butterfly on my face again – an owl one, name not known because I’ve never been good at that. 😉

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