Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy – The quick tour

Wasn’t a lengthy tour by any stretch of the imagination, so I’m being nice and calling it a quick tour of Naples.

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Blog postings from my Italian trip = an updated list and progress report.

The following active links will get you directly to the updated posts for those days or areas of the trips. Where a location is indicated but doesn’t have a live link, then it is a period of the trip that I am still working on. My plan is to have each post that I finish appear at the start of the home page as a July 30th, 2011 dated posting  for a day or two and then move the post into its correct July date placement by chronological order of the day of the event.

1) Heading out – covers the air flight from Ottawa to Montreal, Quebec
2) Across the Atlantic Ocean – covers the air flight from Montreal to Zurich, Switzerland
3) Malpensa Airport,Milan to Como, Italy – Like any tourist might be, I was excited about being back on the ground and starting a holiday in a new country.
4) Como, Italy – photographs taken in and around Como, Italy
5) Bellagio, Italy – photographs taken during a side tour to Bellagio, Italy which is situated on the shores of Lake Como.
6) Lugano, Switzerland – photographs of our side trip to Lugano, Switzerland
7) Milan, Italy – blog is still a work in progress.
8) Milan to Venice – blog is still a work in progress
9) Arriving in Venice – blog is still a work in progress.
10) Getting lost in the streets of Venice – the day I accidentally got separated from the main group and wandered the streets of Venice on my own (not actually lost – I knew where I was :-).
11) Natural History Museum of Venice – an interesting museum to visit and one of my photos is used in their displays.
12) Murano Island glass blowing – photos of the glass blower in action and some other images from along the canals.
13) Burano Island – the island with the houses of many colours.
14) More Venice canals and architecture – various views of the streets and canals of Venice.
15) Images of the Venice fish market – the fruit and fish markets were interesting and provided me with lots of photographic opportunities.
16) Florence, Italy – Many, many photos of some of the sights of Florence, Italy (Firenze).
17) Pisa, Italy – The Leaning Tower Of Pisa – An interesting tourist stop and everyone has to try and push the tower back up to vertical at least once :-).
18) Florence to the Amalfi Coast – an accident on the highway add to what was originally scheduled to be a long day in the bus.
19) Pompeii – 5 pages of photos of what a tourist might see as they walk the most-traveled tourist route through the ruins.
20) Positano and the Amalfi Coast
21) More Amalfi Coast images – the blog is still a work in progress.
22) Lunch in a country setting – photos of cheese and pizza making
23) A quick look at Naples.
24) Rome, The Vatican and the Sistine Chapel– a variety of images
25) Rome – The Colosseum – a series of images from inside the Colosseum
26) Rome – exploring ruins on the Palatine Hill – images of the ruins and panoramic views over historic Rome.
27) Miscellaneous Italian images = the blog is still a work in progress.

Rome, Italy – the Palatine Hill

The Palatine Hill overlooks the Roman Colosseum and the site of the ancient Roman Forum and was a very important residential area in the height of the Roman Empire. A walk through the ruins of the Palatine Hill is an interesting and convenient extension for any tourist visiting the Colosseum. Excavation of the site continues and can impact on one’s chosen route as a number of the vias are blocked off for further archeological exploration work. No worse than trying to get around any number of road construction projects in a modern city :-).

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Rome – The Colosseum (Amphitheatrum Flavium)

Rome – The Colosseum (Amphitheatrum Flavium)
After the visit to the Vatican, we hopped back into the tour bus, traveled along some ancient Roman roads past old bridges, past many ruins and monuments and arrived safely at the site of the Roman Colosseum. Because of the manner in which modern day Romans park and drive, any trip of almost any distance is exciting if you like that type of excitement 🙂

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The Vatican

Our plans for the day included a trip to the Vatican with our tour group. Although we were traveling in a dedicated tour bus, there was a bit of apprehension as the morning began. Rome’s public transit workers were staging a strike and the impact on traffic flows was an unknown factor.

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Lunch in an Italian Country Setting

Lunch in an Italian Country Setting – Amalfi Coast, Italy

After tromping through the ruins of ancient Pompeii, it was nice to get out into a farm setting for a pizza lunch. Once small catch though was that someone from the group had to volunteer to make the lunch :-). Some of us were too busy photographing fruits and vegetables so others had to take up the slack and step to the front.

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Pompeii, Italy to an Amalfi Coast Farm Lunch

Pompeii, Italy to an Amalfi Coast Farm Lunch

The original plan for the day included a trip by boat to Capri but inclement weather and rough waters, with worse conditions in the forecast, forced a change of plans and, instead of Capri, we had gone by bus to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, Italy.

People still live at the base of Mt. Vesuvius and the Italian government has many sensors in place to keep track of any rumblings in the mountain. According to what I have read, it would take at least seven days to evacuate the area if Mt. Vesuvius should decide to begin rumbling again in earnest. With the large port city of Naples situated not far from the base of the volcano, I would certainly hope that the scientists and politicians are successful if those evacuation plans need to be implemented.

It wasn’t long before Naples was out of sight and we were beginning to enjoy the travel along the Amalfi coast with its twisting roads and villas and villages built into small coves or terraced up mountain edges.

Our lunch was scheduled to be at a farm along the Amalfi Coast and after walking through ruins in the morning, I was rather happy to be surrounded by vegetation and farm animals for a bit of change of scenery.

Pompeii, Italy

Ancient Pompeii, Italy

If you were an individual walking across this forum during two fateful days in 79 AD, you would most likely have died. (LOCATION)

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Florence to Amalfi Coast, Italy

Today was expected to be our long day in the bus. Little did we expect that the bus would hit a brick in the centre of the freeway and end up with a flat tire. We eventually ended up at our hotel rather later than expected. It ended up being a long day since I had started the day early with the street sweepers.

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Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy
To begin our day, we traveled to the Galleria dell ‘Accademia where are guide took us through the various sculptures and works of art until we reached the Michelangelo sculpture of “David”. Photography in the Galleria dell ‘Accademia is not permitted but there was certainly a collection of “art work” available from the street merchants outside. Continue reading