The Rex Hotel and Jazz Bar

I needed a place to stay last minute in Toronto, quick look online and the Rex fit two main categories. It was inexpensive and well located for where I needed to be the next morning. Plus there was the bonus of live entertainment and food onsite which made for an appealing one night stay.

The Rex Jazz Bar (Hotel Entrance is around the corner to the left)
I arrived at night after a long day of surface travel

Check in at the hotel was pretty straightforward once you located the entrance, then I headed straight to the bar where a live band was setting up to play (fun note: staying at the hotel meant you get to skip the cover charge at the bar!)

Live Twelve Piece Jazz Band – You Like Jazz right?

The band was exceptional and played a variety of musical pieces, several of which were composed by various member of the band. Overall a solid performance!

After a long day of Travel, Familiar Comfort Food are the best… wait is that avocado?

At this point in the day is when I remember to eat, I ordered the Rex Burger and a cider from the menu. Wait staff were kind and managed the patrons during the breaks between songs. While it did slow the ordering process a tad, better than then trying to yell over the music.

Mason Jar Cider – Yum!

The Hotel… right… so the hotel is above the Jazz Bar, and the entrance is at the back. The receptionist is kind and originally from Ireland with a thick Irish accent (I’m heading to Ireland in three days… what a coincidence!) and the Rooms are quite spacious considering the cost.

The Room!

The bed has much to be desired (its basically a metal spring bed, good for a night but I’d be hard press to sleep comfortably on it for a week). Also of note while there is a functional sink in the room, the bathroom is down the hall and shared.

It should be pointed out that in order to stay at the Rex you really need to enjoy Jazz music until 10-11pm at night. Because the hotel is directly above the bar you will hear the jazz music until closing. Its not ear shattering, but you can’t turn it off.

Wake up to a Beautiful Toronto Morning

So I enjoyed my one night stay at the Rex, but then I love good Jazz music lulling me to sleep 🙂

Barcelo Premium-Marina Palace, Varadero, Cuba (night time images)

Barcelo Premium-Marina Palace, Varadero, Cuba
Barcelo Premium – Cayo Libertad-Royal Island, Varadero, Cuba

We were staying at the adult-only island complex referred to as Barcelo Cayo Libertad or the Royal Island. Barcelo Cayo Libertad occupies an island at the extreme end of the Varadero Peninsula approximately 24 km from the town of Varadero itself. Guests at Barcelo Cayo Libertad have full access to the facilities of the larger Barcelo Marina Palace complex. Continue reading

Daytona Beach/Daytona Beach Shores, Florida

We had started the day in Cape Canaveral, traveled to Merritt Island to revisit some of its areas of interest and then backtracked to The northern suburbs of Orlando where I played a few hours of badminton. With weather conditions once again causing uncertainty, we decided to head back out to the coast and ended up in Daytona Beach/ Daytona Beach Shores area at nightfall. Lots of glittering lights in this popular resort town but with no speedway events scheduled, getting accommodation was easy. It was interesting to see the various motorcycle dealers with all of their neon signs advertising their product. Brought back some memories of when I used to ride a small motorcycle and get passed by the larger Harleys, Indians, Triumphs, Ducatis and just about every other brand imaginable.