Europe Ireland

Connemara Countryside – Republic of Ireland

The quintessential Irish landscape, endless rolling hills of green. It feels like we drove through the region for hours but with every new bend in the road was another breathtaking view. In a way it was good I was on a bus I didn’t control or I would of stopped over a dozen times in the first hour alone. But words can’t describe how beautiful this area in western Ireland is… and the photos barely do it service as well!

Its just so majestic, the landscape… not me 😛

Mid-way through our travels in Connemara we came across a small village nestled beside a shallow wide river. Here was our afternoon stop where we could try Irish Coffee or Hot Chocolate (both being mixed with Irish cream). I went with the coco and it was amazing.

Gaynor’s is our afternoon stop for a hot beverage!

The Gaynor’s field bar itself was pleasant nook which had a faint smell of smoke from the fire place and was full of locals in addition to the odd tourist that had stopped like us to grab a nip and use the facilities.

A final group image as we leave the Connemara Countryside, definitely making the “return” list.

Florida USA

Cycling in Florida – Jupiter Island, Hobe Sound, Florida

Our camping spot beside the canal at St. Lucie Locks and Dam in Stuart, Florida had its advantages. Every hour a new batch of boats would pass by :-).

Florida USA

Cycling in Florida – Flamingo, Florida and Crocodiles

We woke up this morning with frost on the picnic table but with a nice blue sky overhead so we decided that cycling to Flamingo to see the crocodiles would be a good way to spend the day. We decided that peddling the 65 mile round-trip distance might be a bit too optimistic so drove part way by truck.

One nice thing about cycling in the Everglades is that there are no hills to climb although we did have to navigate through one ‘pass’ where the elevation above sea level was 4 feet and through another location where the elevation was five feet.

Caribbean & Mexico Cuba Varadero

Blau Varadero – Cuba

Blau Veradero, Cuba

I was down for a simple get-away week to relax and just have some fun (Location).

Of note: a hurricane hit the other half of the island while I was there so the weather was great for photography, less so for ocean and beach fun (I didn’t mind). I took my Nikon D80 and a Canon Digital P&S which I had borrowed from my brother:

Caribbean & Mexico Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Playa del Carmen - Beach

Playa del Carmen, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The beach beckons, but my reason for traveling to Playa del Carmen had nothing to do with the beaches. I was running out of storage space on my CF cards and wanted to have my photos transferred to a CD so that I could just keep on shooting. (Location)