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The Pass of Glen Coe

Hard as Rock - Glen Coe

The Pass of Glen Coe

We woke to overcast weather patterns and the chance of rain, but not letting that dampen our enthusiasm, Jim and I head further north into the pass of Glen Coe. Along the way, Jim explained to me how climbers in Scotland have given classification names to various mountains reaching above certain elevations with the Munroes representing peaks above 3000 feet, and then below that level the Corbetts, Donalds and Grahams. We weren’t about to capture any of peaks on this particular day but it was interesting to talk about the various groups out to bag all of the Munroes or all of the Corbetts, etc. Very similar to the 46’er clubs of the Adirondack Mountains closer to my home.

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Ottawa Bicycle Club Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour – Spring 2009

Each year, the Ottawa Bicycle Club sponsors and organizes the “Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour”. The event in 2009 marks the 38th anniversary of the event.

The tour is a supported tour with cyclists traveling the approximately 177km one-way route from Ottawa, Ontario through Ashton, Ontario and Perth, Ontario to Kingston, Ontario on the Saturday, staying overnight in the dorms of Queen’s University in Kingston, and then, after a nice breakfast, cycling back to the start point in Ottawa on the Sunday.  A few alternate routes allow for cyclists to travel other routes such as the 100km/day Century route that starts out in Perth, Ontario and joins in with the Traditional route. For the more enthusiastic, there is a longer 200+ km/day route.

2011 UPDATE: The photos in this blog are from the 2009 event. For more information about the 2011 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour, visit the Ottawa Bicycle Club website.

For this year’s event the plan was for Ron to do the cycling along the traditional 177km/day route and for Graeme to do the photography. Here’s Ron now!

The plan worked out reasonably well except for three flat tires, two of which occurred on Sunday when the weather was cold, drizzly and dreary. The following is a collection of shots taken along the route.