Graeme’s Most Popular Videos of 2011

All right, so I made a bunch of internet videos last year (above and beyond my film work with Check It Out Films. In addition some of my 2010 videos are starting to creep up to significant number of views…


First up is last year’s polar bear jump on Jan 1, 2011 it racked in 1152 views over the year. I did another one for the January 01, 2012 Great Canadian Dip event as well and its views are climbing too and will likely be in the listing for my most popular videos of 2012. It can be viewed here: Sears Great Canadian Chill – A Polar Bear Jump – January 1, 2012 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Next up is my most watched video for 2011 is…. Crazy wind day. This was taken right after we finished filming for the day, the wind was so strong that is torn down the Bluesfest stage not 10km away… crazy! Continue reading

Creative (and Cold) Moments – Annual Polar Bear Jump

Brr… It’s cold outside, this week’s submission is from last Sunday’s Polar Bear Jump (Offically Called Sears Great Canadian Chill) where several hundred people jumped into freezing water to raise money to fight children’s cancer!

For More Photos and info on the Event – link!

For Coverage of Last Year – link!


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A Quick Visit to the Guild, Scarborough, Ontario

A Quick Visit to the Guild, Scarborough, Ontario

We were leaving Toronto at about 4PM and the roads were a mess with a bit of rain, a bit of snow and a bit of freezing rain snarling traffic so I decided to avoid the 401 and take a more leisurely route along the lake shore with the intention of getting to Scarborough in time to get a few shots before darkness settle in.  Traffic was even slower than I had anticipated that it would be so, when I finally got to the Guild, I only had about 15 -20 minutes of available light to take a few shots (using timer and tripod) before it was time to hop back into the vehicle and fight traffic and weather conditions on the route back to Ottawa.

Behind the former Guild Inn there is a garden in which previous owner of the property collected a number of architectural facades and selected bits from Toronto buildings as they were being torn down.  These now are part of the parkland maintained by the Toronto parks and are open for public viewing.  Very interesting to see these structures scattered around the gardens and in the surrounding woodlands.

Alan and Erica agreed to pose between the columns and then it was back in the vehicle and continuing our trip back to Ottawa again.

A few day later Graeme and I were getting ready to photograph the Polar Bear Swim in Ottawa.  This bear statue at the Guild seemed a fitting way to remind myself of the upcoming event.

Worth a visit but needs more than 15 or 20 minutes to truly appreciate the site :-).

For those who might want to visit this wonderful place on the eastern edge of Toronto, the snow covered bear statue and the many other statues and architectural facades are located in the gardens behind the Guild Inn in Scarborough, Ontario. (Location)

Images from a previous visit to the Guild.

Hockey’s Over! Bring on the Heat of Summer

Winter sports: The hockey season ended last night!!!!!! Boston Bruin fans are happy. Vancouver Canuck fans are not. We attended the first game that Chris Kelly played as a Boston Bruin. He is probably pretty happy today! Bruins vs Senators Feb/2011

Ottawa’s temperature is supposed to reach +30C or higher today with relatively high humidity.

Things to do now that hockey is over:
– Time to start complaining about the heat
– Time to get on the bathing suit and head for the beach, or
– perhaps it is just about time to reflect back on one of Canada’s other ice sports that we covered in a previous blog, the polar bear swim/jump! A great way to cool off!

Watch out for POISON IVY.

Polar Bear Jump – Video and Additional Photos

As promised, here is a short video from this year’s Polar Bear Jump into the Ottawa River. Click on the image below and shiver along with the participants.

Polar Bear Jump – Video and Additional Photos

Below is a collection of additional photos from the day. Enjoy!
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Polar Bear Jump – New Years Day – Ottawa

Polar Bear Jump – New Years Day – Ottawa

In support of Stopping Children’s Cancer, SEARS holds the Great Canadian Chill. This year, the event was located at Britannia Beach. (Location) The Great Canadian Chill is basically a Polar Bear Jump. Similar to a Polar Bear Swim except that, instead of running into the cold water, you jump in. Continue reading

Polar Bear Swim – New Year’s Day – Britannia Beach, Ottawa, Ontario

Polar Bear Swim – New Year’s Day, 2011 – Ottawa, Ontario

Update: THe cold water is waiting for the 2012 event – see our 2012 blog

Graeme and I and my father got to Britannia Beach (Location) this morning for the “Great Canadian Chill” a.k.a. Polar Plunge. Just posting a few quick shots from the Polar Bear swim preparations in place before the actual activities of the morning began. Will be adding to this post later this evening but have other responsibilities first.

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