Foley Mountain Conservation Area, Westport, Ontario

Foley Mountain Conservation Area, Westport, Ontario (Location)

The Foley Mountain Conservation Area is one of a number of natural areas maintained by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) and many volunteers. Foley Mountain is located on the high side of the Big Rideau Lake which itself is the high point of the Rideau Canal System, A UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the Spy Rock ramp and viewing area, you can gaze out over the town of Westport and see for miles.
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Lake Shore Trail – Little Pine State Park, Pennsylvania

Lake Shore Trail – Little Pine State Park, Pennsylvania

The Lake Shore Trail begins at the top of the dam and then follows along the shoreline on the east side of the man-made lake that has formed behind the Little Pine Creek control dam. (Route). On the way up the road to the start of the trail we had been entertained by a number of Zebra Swallowtail butterflies.  There were a number of different varieties of butterflies visible among the native flowers growing among the rocks and soil of the dam embankment but enough of a breeze was blowing to keep the butterflies airborne when we were in the area. I would return later to spend more time photographing the butterflies.

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Wellsboro PA to Little Pine State Park

Wellsboro PA to Little Pine State Park

May 4, 2012 – After spending part of the morning walking the streets of Wellsboro PA with my camera, we headed out Route 660 to take a look at some of the areas along that route again and then headed back into town before heading south on Hwy 287. Our plan was to travel along stretches of the Pine Creek and camp overnight at Little Pine State Park. The weather was really cooperating and lush green leaves of the Mayflower plant dotted the margins of the forest and roadside openings.(Route)
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The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon near Wellsboro, PA.

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Our visit to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon started in Corning, NY where we had stayed at the Radisson Hotel the night before. In our last post, we had followed Hwy. 15 south as far as Mansfield. For this segment we turned on to Hwy 6 and headed past the community of Wellsboro until we reached the Tioga County Visitor Center  (former Dexter Baptist Church) where we picked up more detailed information about the area.

At this point in the journey, it would have been hard to convince us that significant canyon was only a few miles away.

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Cooper Marsh

Cooper Marsh Conservation Area (Location)

Visited Cooper Marsh with my birder friend, Gerhard. We were hoping to see some of the wading birds and warblers but were either too early or too late in the season for them. As usual, we found lots of other things to look at. Cooper Marsh Conservation Area is located on the St. Lawrence River a few kilometres east of Cornwall, Ontario.

Hairy Woodpecker with bug (Picoides villosus) – This female Hairy Woodpecker was working hard at this tree when I arrived. I watched for awhile and was rewarded with the next photo when she pulled a large beetle from under a piece of bark.

A truly juicy meal for those who care for large beetles extracted from under tree bark.

Wilson’s Snipe (Capella gallinago) – I’ve looked for these birds in a lot of places but I have never thought to look thirty feet up on the top of an old tree stump until today.

Baltimore Oriole in Flight – Spent a good five to ten minutes trying to get a clear shot of this oriole sitting on branches in some low trees and at least one branch or leaf always seemed to be in the way. Then I decided to try and catch it flying between the branches and presto a result much better than I expected. (Icterus galbula)

There was no shortage of turtles sunning themselves in a small pond in the area and Poison Ivy growth was well developed.

Midland Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta marginata)

Poison Ivy (Toxicodendron radicans): It’s that time of year again so watch out for the Poison Ivy!!! I have a number of shots of various varieties of Poison Ivy in our “Poison Ivy” page. Some Poison Ivy plants grow close to the ground. Others grow as vines.