Ottawa RibFest

Ottawa RibFest


It would be a busy weekend with both the ribfest and the dragonboat festival vying for my attention. On Wednesday I was at the final tune-up practice of the CFUW – Ottawa dragonboat team and now on Thursday we had friends visiting from the USA who were looking forward to a rack of ribs on Ottawa’s Sparks Street. We met up at one end of Sparks Street and meandered along the street looking at the many offerings. Each of the participants had tall display boards promoting their ribs and chicken and sauces and anything else they had brought along for sale to the supportive customers who were standing patiently in lines all along Sparks Street just waiting for their order of ribs or chicken to be cooked to perfection. We eventually came to a stop at in front of the “Boss Hoggs” grills and decided that that was where we would settle in line for our turn to wait. The line moved along fairly well and it wasn’t too long before we had our styrofoam containers with their tasty ribs .

RON_3692-Boss-Hog's RON_3685-Boss-Hoggs

RON_3690-Ribs RON_3691-Ribs


When you eat that many ribs you need to get a bit of exercise to balance the caloric intake, so having licked the fingers (handi-wipes for some :-)), we were off for a walk down Wellington Avenue.

RON_3696-ReflectionsThe lawns in front of the Parliament Buildings were already showing signs of the preparation for the Canada Day celebrations. As I stood by the peace flame and looked around the open spaces with the large stage and all of the portable fencing, I was reminded of the last time that I had been in downtown Ottawa for Canada Day, William and Kate had been the prime attraction.

For this year’s event, a number of performers have been lined up and it should be a good day if the weather cooperates (not too hot, not too cool).

RON_3699-Canada-Day  RON_3698-Canada-Day-poster-


We were then off to look quickly at Ottawa’s World Heritage Site, the Rideau Canal and Locks, before heading over to the Byward Market, where in February 2009, newly elected US President Barrack Obama had caused quite a stir by stopping at a local bakery outlet to purchase some cookies. I wonder what John By would have thought about all of this fuss over cookies considering the history  of US relations during his time.

RON_3704-Rideau-Canal-Locks  RON_3715-John-By-statue


Tasty cookies after  a few ribs and then we were off to introduce our US guests to Ottawa’s ‘Beavertail” delicacy before heading back to our cars as the sun set over downtown Ottawa.



Tomorrow the serious dragon boat activities begin in earnest.


Ottawa Winterlude 2013 – Ice Sculptures

Ottawa Winterlude 2013 – Ice Sculptures

_RON7962-WinterludeA retroactive post – We started off our downtown visit with a stop at the Rideau Center and then we were off to the NAC to purchase tickets for an upcoming performance and then it was off to Confederation Park to take a look at how the ice sculptures were progressing. Weather couldn’t have been much better for the sculptors and their blocks of ice. Unlike some previous years, there was no severe cold weather in the forecast and above-zero temperatures weren’t forecast either, so with a bit of luck the work of this year’s sculptors will hang around for a few extra days.

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Carleton University – Ottawa, Ontario – a few random images

Carleton University – Ottawa, Ontario
After dropping my brother off at the Airport for a long flight back to Vancouver, I stopped at Carleton University so that I could lend a hand, if needed, at the end of the Butterfly Exhibit. I knew that there would be a long line-up at the end of this, the final day of the butterfly exhibition, as is the norm after each year’s ten-day show.

Once I had determined that I wouldn’t be needed for a while I decided to take a short walk around that area of the campus to see what I might be able to find to photograph. Continue reading

Dining at the Canal Ritz

Dining at the Canal Ritz

My brother and I had had a nice visit with my father in the nursing home. After a bit of discussion our next destination became the Rideau Canal. Being the visitor, he got the co-pilot seat while I got to sit in the back and enjoy a bit of photographing as we drove along the Queensway. Harvesting on the NCC land was underway. Continue reading

Hog’s Back Falls/Les Chutes De Hogs Back, Ottawa, Ontario

Hog’s Back Falls/Les Chutes De Hogs Back, Ottawa, Ontario (Location)

The morning had started pretty early for me since Adell was taking an early morning flight to Winnipeg and that meant driving her to the airport for about 5:30AM. I knew from publications of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) and from seeing the water levels of the Jock River for the recent Jock River Canoe-Kayak race that water levels in the Rideau River waterway were lower than normal for this time of the year. There had also been a bit of discussion in recent newscasts about the impact of recent budget cuts on the timing of the opening of the Rideau Canal. Since I was already up bright and early and driving around, I decided that it would be as good as time as any to head over to Hog’s Back Falls and see what impact the water levels were having on the appearance of that bit of the Rideau River. Continue reading

Winterlude 2012 – Skating on the Rideau Canal

Winterlude 2012 – Skating on the Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is billed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and maintains bragging rights as the World’s largest skating rink. In a good year, the frozen canal surface provides an enjoyable skating experience from the Rideau Locks by the Ottawa Convention Center all the way to Dow’s Lake. How long the skating surface is, or how large the skating surface is at any given point in time during the winter, is highly weather dependent (Ice conditions). Continue reading

Winterlude 2012 – Canada’s National Capital Region – Confederation Park in the Daylight

– February 4th – Winterlude 2012 – Canada’s National Capital Region – Confederation Park in the Daylight

The previous night I enjoyed watching the fireworks and then heading over to Confederation Park (location) to see the carvers in action.

Lots of things happening for Winterlude in the daylight hours as well, so Graeme and I took a bit of time to visit Confederation Park once again on the Saturday. I took still shots, he took videos. Some of the video footage will be posted later. Continue reading

Tulips, Tulips and More Tulips – Rideau Canal and Dow’s Lake, Ottawa, Ontario.

Thursday and the tulips are all ready just waiting for the weekend crowds.
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Tulip Art – Major Hill’s Park, Ottawa, Ontario

In addition to the natural tulips that one might normally expect to find at a tulip festival, the organizers also have a significant number of man-made tulip decorations (not sure what else to call them) along the pathways of Major’s Hill Park. Some have been painted by school children while others appear to have been painted by professional artists.

The art work receiving the most attention, featured Prince William and Kate Middleton and their recent wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey. See my June 30th blog entry of the Royal visit at Ottawa here.

One of the security personnel was quick to point out that the best part was on the back. Of course, I had to look! Continue reading

Major Hill’s Park – Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa, Ontario – Day 7, May 12th, 2011

After watching the 110 foot Fair Jeanne brigantine ship going through the locks of the Rideau Canal for a bit, I headed off to Major’s Hill Park.

I had been told that there was far too much ‘infrastructure’ and not enough tulips at Major’s Hill Park so I was looking forward to seeing for myself. The first tent that I encountered, as I entered from the Rideau Canal side of the park, was a teepee of the Aboriginal Experiences folks. Hard to say that this was tulip related, but since I enjoy seeing the aboriginal demonstrations, I was happy to stop and watch. Today, the individual was demonstrating some wood carving techniques and providing demonstrations of how the interesting-looking work horse could be foot-operated to hold the materials thus leaving both hands free for the carving work.
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