Fireworks at Winterlude 2012

Fireworks at Winterlude 2012 in Canada’s National Capital.

This year I set up my tripod and camera at the back of the crowd that had gathered between the Parliament Buildings and the river. Continue reading

Another trip to Toronto, Ontario

Another trip to Toronto, Ontario

We had decided on spending a couple of days in Toronto between Christmas and New Year’s.  Weather is always a consideration at this time of the year so, right on schedule, we had a night of snow, a bit of freezing rain and some rain and all types of winter weather all rolled into one night of interesting occurrences. Our backyard was now looking like a winter postcard and out in front of the house a creature arose sometime after midnight. Continue reading

It’s Snowing!

I finished off the earlier White Christmas or NO white Christmas blog with the prediction that snow would likely come as soon as I sold my snow scoops. Well I sold the scoops on Friday afternoon and presto, almost right on schedule, the snow began.

No more predictions for today. Stop while ahead!

Taffy Lane Christmas Lights 2011

Taffy Lane – Christmas Lights 2011

Its that time of year again and, as many houses are setting up Christmas lights in Ottawa, Ontario, no street is better known for it than Taffy Lane, where literally the whole street lights up for the holidays! (Location)

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Toronto Christmas Lights 2011 – Little Italy and elsewhere

Toronto Christmas Lights 2011 – Little Italy and elsewhere
After photographing the lights at the DeSario home at 165 Benjamin Boake Trail in North York, I headed off in the direction of my hotel room. I had in mind a couple of spots that I wanted to visit along the way but, at some point, I missed a turn and ended up on a completely different route that included stops at Downsview Park, St. Clair Gardens and Toronto’s Little Italy community.

Downsview Park at the corner of Keele St. and Sheppard Ave W was the first to attract my attention. (Location)

The decorated trees were simple but effective and parking in the strip mall lot across the street made stopping for a few minutes for photographs quick and easy.
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International Fireworks Competition at Lac Leamy

Since returning from Italy three weeks ago,  I have had my camera out of its bag only twice. When I saw Wagboy’s fireworks photos in  a Flickr posting, I decided my shutter finger needed some exercise and off I went to photograph the fireworks competition at Lac Leamy.  Missed a turn and ended up on the wrong side of the Gatineau River but found a spot with no crowds and no parking hassles. Couldn’t hear the music but lovely wide angle view of the fireworks. Remembered a few things from our fireworks tutorial and forgot a few things :-).

Posting a few shots from the fireworks before heading back across the river again to play a 6:30PM soccer match in Gatineau. It’s an OT6 Division game against the Hull Albatros team on Mont Blue Field #2 by Ecole Secondaire Mont Bleu. The average age on the field will be about 40-45 y.o. so if you happen to be in the area, stop by and look for the oldest guy on the field! After the match, I’ll need a rest to recover from that and then the next day everything hurts, etc.  Age.  Ain’t it wonderful!

For those who are following my uploads from my Italian trip, I hope to finish those uploads next week and for those who are waiting for my to upload the Ogdensburg re-enactment photos, those too will hopefully be on-line next week.

International Fireworks Competition at Lac Leamy without the music.

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Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy
To begin our day, we traveled to the Galleria dell ‘Accademia where are guide took us through the various sculptures and works of art until we reached the Michelangelo sculpture of “David”. Photography in the Galleria dell ‘Accademia is not permitted but there was certainly a collection of “art work” available from the street merchants outside. Continue reading

The big bang theory of fireworks watching!

If you stand downwind from a fireworks display you get smoke in your eyes and the sound is louder. There are other words of advice and things to think about in our on-line Fireworks Tutorial but let’s just say that we don’t always follow our own advice.

We arrived late on the scene and didn’t have much time to pick our locations, so I suggested to Graeme that he cross over Carling Avenue and stand on the other side of the street closer to where we thought that the launch site would be. The gusting wind was coming straight at our faces!

The shot below gives an idea of how close he was. Graeme was one of the folks standing on the other side of the street. Bits of falling fireworks debris was landing all around him. A movie will follow once he has time to process the file.

Fireworks and Smoke.

As mentioned in my other post for the May 23rd fireworks on Carling Avenue, Graeme and I arrived late and ended up being downwind from the fireworks launch point. Not ideal for photography but an interesting experience especially when the smoke came across at ground level. I started off pointing the camera at the higher level burst but then decided to focus on the lower level action especially when the smoke rolled across Carling Avenue.

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Ferris Wheels and Carnivals – Night Lights in Motion

Graeme and I went out tonight to photograph a fireworks display and ended up photographing ferris wheels and carnival rides as well. We will be posting more images from the outing as soon as time permits.

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