Fireworks at Winterlude 2012

Fireworks at Winterlude 2012 in Canada’s National Capital.

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Winterlude 2012 – National Capital Commission – Ottawa/Gatineau

Winterlude 2012 – National Capital Commission – Ottawa/Gatineau

Today marks the first day of The National Capital Commission winter festival, “Winterlude”.

Where: Ottawa, Ontario & Gatineau, Quebec (former Hull, Quebec). During the period of festivities there are activities in many locations but the primary locations are at Confederation Park (Ice Sculptures and Ice Carving), Jacques Cartier Park (Children’s snow slides) and along the Rideau Canal between Wellington Street and Dow’s Lake.

When: dawn to dusk and later each day from February 3rd, 2012 until closing on February 20th, 2012. During that period of time, Graeme and I will be attending various events and posting photos on our website.

Tonight, February 3rd: photo opportunity for fireworks near the Alexandra Bridge at about 9PM (location)

Lots of detailed information is available at the National Capital Commission’s Official Winterlude Website.

2011 un recensement des oiseaux de Noël, Ottawa/Gatineau

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2011 Ottawa-Gatineau Christmas Bird Survey, Gatineau, Quebec

2011 Ottawa-Gatineau Christmas Bird Count, Gatineau, Quebec

The sun is now up and I am out on a Christmas Bird Count with my birder friends, Ralph and Gerhard. Continue reading

Saturday night – Gatineau, Quebec Balloon Festival/Festival de Montgolfières de Gatineau 2011

When I left home Saturday, it looked like it might be a perfect night for a balloon launch at the Gatineau Balloon Festival (See my previous post for more Festival details) but, as it turned out, I guess that the organizers had concerns about the weather that I, as a spectator, couldn’t see, so, in the end, I photographed a few things but no balloons lifted off.
There were quite a few people lined up along the Rockliffe Parkway on the Ottawa side of the river and at least one individual had brought along his tripod and heavy artillery LOL.

The scheduled lift-off time was 6PM and as the large dinosaur was inflated and towered over the site, we were hopeful that a launch would take place but, as the sun got ever closer to the horizon and the Gatineau Hills in the background, those hopes diminished.
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Gatineau, Quebec Balloon Festival/Festival de Montgolfières de Gatineau 2011

(UPDATE: Saturday, September 3, 2011 blog entry – Balloons didn’t launch in the evening but it looked promising for awhile. Photographed other things instead.)

September 2, 2011:It’s that time of year again and the Festival de Montgolfières de Gatineau starts today across the river in Gatineau, Quebec. As usual, weather plays an important role in the direction of the balloon launch and how many balloons actually get up into the air on any given day but certainly, for a few days at least, the skies over Gatineau and Ottawa are dotted with a larger than normal collection of hot air balloons. I try to be in a position to photograph a few of them as they pass overhead.  Not always in the correct location, but fun to try.
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International Fireworks Competition at Lac Leamy

Since returning from Italy three weeks ago,  I have had my camera out of its bag only twice. When I saw Wagboy’s fireworks photos in  a Flickr posting, I decided my shutter finger needed some exercise and off I went to photograph the fireworks competition at Lac Leamy.  Missed a turn and ended up on the wrong side of the Gatineau River but found a spot with no crowds and no parking hassles. Couldn’t hear the music but lovely wide angle view of the fireworks. Remembered a few things from our fireworks tutorial and forgot a few things :-).

Posting a few shots from the fireworks before heading back across the river again to play a 6:30PM soccer match in Gatineau. It’s an OT6 Division game against the Hull Albatros team on Mont Blue Field #2 by Ecole Secondaire Mont Bleu. The average age on the field will be about 40-45 y.o. so if you happen to be in the area, stop by and look for the oldest guy on the field! After the match, I’ll need a rest to recover from that and then the next day everything hurts, etc.  Age.  Ain’t it wonderful!

For those who are following my uploads from my Italian trip, I hope to finish those uploads next week and for those who are waiting for my to upload the Ogdensburg re-enactment photos, those too will hopefully be on-line next week.

International Fireworks Competition at Lac Leamy without the music.

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Museum of Civilization – Gatineau, Quebec

Museum of Civilization – Gatineau, Quebec

A great place to visit but I certainly don’t get there as often as I would like to. This day in June, seemed like a good time as any to pack up my camera gear and head across the river for another visit to this museum. A number of years ago, I met a tour guide of Haidan ancestry at the UBC Museum of Anthropology who said that she would like to see pictures of the Museum of Civilization’s Grand Hall. She was particularly interested in the Haidan house because much of the exhibit came from a location of her youth and her grandmother’s village.

Grand Hall - Museum of Civilization

The grand hall is indeed grand. Because the totem poles are so tall and the buildings are so wide it is a bit tough to photograph the whole area.

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Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival (Festival de montgolfières de Gatineau) – 2008

We had been sitting on the opposite bank of the Ottawa River for quite some time waiting for the first balloons to become airborne. Although the weather was nice for humans, there was too much of a breeze for the safe lift-off of the number of balloons involved in the Festival so everyone had just waited and waited hoping that the winds would die down as nightfall approached.

I kept myself busy by photographing boats passing by on the river but I’m sure that the Festival organizers had their fingers crossed. Eventually, just before nightfall the balloons began to be filled and lifter off the ground one by one or in small groups.
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Ottawa River Boating

We were waiting for the lift-off of the hot air balloons across the river from the launch site of the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival (Festival de montgolfières de Gatineau). The skies were nice and clear, the weather for spectators was balmy, BUT, unfortunately, the wind speed stayed high and lift-off was postponed in hopes that the wind speed would drop (which it eventually did). To fill in the time, I set up my camera and photographed the many varieties of boats that were passing our vantage point on the banks of the Ottawa River.

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