Temagami, Ontario

20110607-102618.jpgBy the time that we arrived in Temagami, we were ready to stretch our legs again. The train station parking lot offered as good a location as any for getting out of the car for a bit of a walk. I would have liked to have been able to take a look inside of the station but it was closed when we arrived there.

New York State USA

Utica, NY

I stayed overnight in Utica, NY after a busy day of photographing further west in the Syracuse area. My plan was to head home along the western edge of the Adirondacks stopping to photograph the many falls along the Moose and Black Rivers.

Before leaving Utica, I took a quick ride over to the area of the train station and photographed a few buildings in the area, a few trains sitting on the tracks and on display by the train station, and a few trains beside the Children’s Museum.

New York State USA

Clay, New York

Traveling around upper New York State I happened upon a small farm museum in Clay, NY. The buildings were locked (a bit too early for tourist season, I guess) but I was able to walk around and take a look at the farm implements that they had on display out in the yard.

Florida USA

On the Road Again

5:05 PM Arriving in Toronto. Looks pretty miserable and wet out the train window. Raining and 4 C with quite a bit of snow on the ground.

African Safari Kenya Tanzania

African Safari – October 23rd- Ottawa to Montreal

African Safari – Ottawa to Montreal – October 23rd, 2010

We had planned on having a family member drive us to Montreal to catch our flight but when we learned that Swiss Air, KLM, and Air France run shuttle buses from the Ottawa train station we chose that option instead. Took a few phone calls and discussions but we finally were able to get on one of the buses. For future reference, must remember to book “flight” from Ottawa train station. The buses are referred to as the ‘ghost’ buses on the internet chat circuit because it is tough to find out much about the shuttle buses and apparently few agents know about their existence or prefer to quote the higher fees relating to “flights” from Ottawa International Airport. (For those who might need to know such things, YOW = Ottawa International Airport; XDS = Ottawa Train Station)

Europe Scotland United Kingdom

A visit to Stewarton, Scotland

Frequent Train Service

A visit to Stewarton, Scotland

Following my hiking of the Offa’s Dyke Path (177 miles): Offa’s Dyke Path June 2009 , I traveled by train to Glasgow, Scotland to visit with a relative of mine (artist Jim Wylie: )

Canada Explorer Ontario Smith Falls

Smith Falls Railway Museum, Smith Falls, Ontario

Smith Falls Railway Museum, Smith Falls, Ontario (Location)

The Railway Museum in Smith Falls, Ontario provides an opportunity to look at the history of railroads in a relaxed fashion with many interesting bits of history on display.

Caboose 436757 is an excellent example from the days when cabooses were constructed of wood siding.

An example of a Kitchen Car

Different styles of wheels and suspensions.

Today, many caboose cars have been replaced by computer sensors but, in earlier days, they were the place where the brakeman and other crew would spend most of their day when not attending to inspection of axles and other parts of the train that might need attention from time to time, operating track switch devices and getting a bit of rest time on longer routes.

Canada Explorer Ontario Toronto

“Doors Open 2006” – LCBO/Train Station – Toronto, Ontario

One of our selected stops on the Doors Open 2006 tour route was the LCBO retail outlet in the converted train station building on Yonge Street in Toronto. Although the shelves inside house new products in shiny bottles, much of the interior of the former train station has been retained making for some interesting contrasts.

Outside the building they have an interesting water feature in which a pivoting stainless steel tray fills with water and then pivots forward dumping its load into a pool. Interesting for me to watch while waiting to head onto the next spot in our travels.

Walking under the train tracks gave em a different perspective compared to my normal perspective of just quickly passing under while driving a car. I’ve driven under there many times but never stopped to see the LCBO outlet and its train station makeover.