Nightly Stage Show – Barcelo Marina Palace – Varadera, Cuba

Nightly Stage Show – Barcelo Marina Palace – Varadera, Cuba

Each night, the resort’s auditorium was filled to capacity for the nightly stage show. We had gone to a few of them and this particular evening I was outside the building taking some night shots when I decided to head over to the stage area to see if I might be able to catch the last of the evening’s performance. Continue reading

Remic Rapids – Drummers and Fire Dancers

Remic Rapids, Ottawa

After spending the day photographing Fall colours at Luskville Falls in Quebec and driving around in my mother’s new Volvo C70 convertible with the roof down in beautiful Fall weather, I joined a few friends at Remic Rapids on the Ottawa River in Ottawa. It’s the location where there are stone statues that are set-up each summer by a local artist who works all week arranging the stones in various ways and patterns. An interesting tourist site not on most bus tours.

Tonight there was a special presentation by a local group of bongo drummers. They started to attract quite a crowd as they played on and, as the sun set, the group got larger and larger as more players arrived to join in and add to the rhythmic music.

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