Upper Canada Village near Morrisburg, Ontario

Upper Canada Village near Morrisburg, Ontario (Location)

We had some visitors from the U.S earlier this week so spent some time visiting the Upper Canada Village located between Cornwall, Ontario and Morrisburg, Ontario. I have been there a few times in recent years photographing the seasonal lights but this was the first time in quite a while that I had visited the village in daylight hours without snow on the ground. (Previous Upper Canada Village posts)

In the past year, the new entrance has been completed and provides access to the Village properties as well as to a new museum-style group of displays. This year, the displays focus heavily on the events of the war of 1812-14 which impacted this area directly when the Americans crossed the St. Lawrence River and battled with the locals, the natives and the British at Crysler Farm. The village itself reflects a period of time closer to the mid 1800’s but with this being the bicentennial of the War of 1812-14  Canada and with the Fall of 1813 marking the bicentennial of the actual battles at Crysler Farm, there is more than a normal emphasis on the events of the 1812-14 period. Continue reading

Chasing Rainbows and Pots of Gold – Ridge Road, Ottawa

Chasing Rainbows and Pots of Gold – Ridge Road, Ottawa

After photographing Chickadees in Nepean, I headed east toward Mer Bleue Bog. It was one of those strange days weatherwise, a bit of sun, a lot of clouds, intermittent rain and a strong wind was blowing the flags around

Looking off to the east, I kept seeing rainbows coming and going, brightening for a while and then disappearing altogether until another cloud and rain shower lined up with the bit of sun peeping through to develop another prism effect. I was approaching Ridge Road when I got an open view of a new rainbow just forming. It disappeared almost as quickly as it formed but I was able to get my camera out for a quick shot.

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