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Haunted Walk Ottawa – Time Traveler Trail

The Haunted walk has a new trail for the time-travelers among us, its called the Time Traveler Trail and it focuses on Ottawa’s past when Ottawa was Bytown and riots and pistol fights in the market were more common than Beavertails. Guided by Steampunk attired guides prepare to set off on an adventure in time.

P1070745 P1070744

The new walk has already gathered the attention of the Whovians in Ottawa, as the Society of Doctor Who made an appearance to take the walk through time.P1070732 P1070738Our guide was quick to take us back in time with the help of their timely-whimey device.

P1070748- ShunkThe tour was full of great historical stories about a time when Ottawa wasn’t as tame as it is now, in fact traveller’s beware, time travel can be hazardous to your health and you could end up finding yourself in a duel as a way of solving slanders and slights!

A duel was the way to settle disagreements in the past, although what these two had against eachother we will never know.
A duel was the way to settle disagreements in the past, although what these two had against eachother we will never know.

Also this might be a cleverly disguised Dalek, just saying…

P1070765 - Dalek

Along the route we had a chance to seem some clearly historical signs, some on purpose and others by time traveler luck?P1070761 - Cropped

P1070751-CroppedP1070764 - Cropped Finally as the night drew dark (7:30pm tour rather than the weekend matinee 11:00am tour) our Time Travel energy grew low with the fading light and we got to see some of Ottawa’s premier buildings in their evening glory.

P1070776 P1070786


In the end, all by Steve (poor Steve) made it back to our present time alive and well about 2 hours after we headed off on our adventures through time and walking distance.

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H.O.P.E Volleyball Summerfest 2013 – Ottawa, Ontario

H.O.P.E Volleyball Summerfest – Ottawa, Ontario

I started off Saturday, July 13, 2013 at Mooney’s Bay (location) where the 31st edition of the H.O.P.E. Volleyball Summerfest gets underway early in the morning. First games on the beach were scheduled to begin at 8AM. Graeme was one of the participants playing in the corporate draw for the Plasco Energy team later in the morning so wouldn’t be taking too many pictures. Visit the H.O.P.E. Volleyball Summerfest website for further information about this event.

I parked by the University and walked over to the event location. A couple of the shuttle buses passed me when I wasn’t at a location where I could flag them down. It was a hot day and by the time that I got to Mooney’s Bay, I certainly wished that I had put my bike on the back of the van before leaving home. Certainly plenty of participants and spectators had arrived by the two-wheel option.


Graeme’s team was just getting ready for their third game when I found them. They had won one game and lost one game before I arrived and were now getting warmed up for their third game. The sun was shining brightly and the temperature was just below +30C at the beach and keeping the feet moving on the hot sand was a priority as the day progressed.

RON_4328-Plasco-Energy RON_4329-Plasco-Energy


On the adjacent bit of real estate, the ladies of the Ottawa Sun team were attracting attention with their fine play while on the sidelines, Ottawa’s mayor was getting a bit more media exposure. Turns out that he and I were following similar routes this particular Saturday since a hour or so later both of us were not far apart in the Kingdom of Osgoode.

RON_4331-Ottawa-Sun-team  RON_4325-Mayor-Watson

The Plasco Energy team fell behind early in their game but then a  couple of their players had a nice run of successful serving and the team moved into a 12 t0 6 lead, a lead which they never relinquished. It was a fun game to watch. The Plasco Energy team went on to win another game later in the day but, in the end, their final 3 win 2 loss record was not enough to get them to the next level.


With over 10,000 players representing 1032 teams playing simultaneously on 86 courts on hot sand under a clear sky and blazing sun, more than a few of the participants chose to wander into the water to cool off a bit.




Various bands were playing on the stage for between-games entertainment. DJ Noah was also present from Live 88.5 kicking out some tunes.


I wasn’t the only photographer lugging around a big camera.  I’m certain, though, that if I wasn’t heading out to another event, I would have tried standing in the water while taking pictures.  It was definitely a wonderfully warm day for such an event.  Sure beats rain!


I was soon heading back to my car and, this time, the shuttle and I made a connection and I didn’t have to walk all of the way.


After visiting the H.O.P.E. Volleyball Summerfest in the morning, I waas off to the Kingdom of Osgoode (location) in the afternoon to photograph their festivities including a hand-fasting wedding and jousting (not the same event :-)).

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Fish Fly Invasion

Fish Fly Invasion – Richmond Road, Ottawa – June 30, 2013


I was driving down Richmond Road with my son and I just had to stop to look at the enormous number of fish flies that were filling the air and landing on everything. In the reflected light of the car’s headlights, it looked a lot like winter might be returning as each of the winged creatures looked like snow flakes fluttering the air.

image-2-fishflies image-1-Fishflies


Mayflies and shadflies and various other insects of a similar nature come in about 600 different species in North America with many, many more variants worldwide.  Fish and baby birds love them so their timing is great if you happen to be a fish or a bird or several other creatures looking for a quick meal. Humans, on the other hand, don’t like them landing in their hair (won’t hurt – just inconvenient) and, of course, sweeping up the carcasses the next day can be a bit of a problem.  Most of these insects only live for 24 hours or so once they reach the winged stage of their development. It has been many years since I have seen this many all at once.

Glad it wasn’t my job to clean off the cars at a few of the Richmond Road dealerships the next morning!

TECH:  Photos above were taken with my son’s iPhone.

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Royal LePage Prowler

Today, while I was at a stop light, one of the Royal LePage Prowler vehicles pulled up beside me. Of course, I had to say the obligatory “SMILE” :-).


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The Flowers of Carleton University Greenhouses

The Flowers of Carleton University Greenhouses

I was at Carleton University to pick up a copy of the poster for the upcoming Carleton University 13th Annual Butterfly Exhibit so had a bit of time to take a look into the greenhouse.  The butterflies won’t be arriving for a few weeks yet but that didn’t stop me from clicking the shutter a few times.

Butterfly species

Butterflies – Black Swallowtail – Papilio polyxenes

Butterflies – Eastern Black Swallowtail – Papilio polyxenes

The above photograph of a Black Swallowtail butterfly was taken near Massena, NY on our way back from spending a few days in Lake Placid, New York, climbing Cascade Mountain and driving up to the peak of Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks.

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Reddit Night at Funhaven

Reddit Night at Funhaven

Who wants a night of impromptu fun? Well, last night was it at Funhaven where I and a group of friends partied to the wee hours… iPhone pics galore!

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Breeding Bird Survey 2012 – Day 1

Breeding Bird Survey 2012 – Day 1

June 9, 2012 – This is our third year of conducting breeding bird surveys in the region of Highway #1o1 north of Sudbury, Ontario. In order to get to our campsite before dark, we need to leave Ottawa before 5AM. 

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Springtime flowers of Ottawa, Ontario

Springtime flowers of Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is famous for its annual Tulip Festival but once the tulips begin to fade, there are plenty of flowers just waiting for their moment in the sun. For today’s blog, here are a few images taken yesterday when the sun was out and it wasn’t raining.

My first stop was Andrew Haydon Park on the Ottawa River. I expected to find a few young Canada Geese to photograph and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Spirea bushes were in full bloom at the park and a number of people were using these flowers as a backdrop for some family photos so I almost had to stand in line :-).

After taking care of buying myself a new pair of hiking shoes, I headed over to the walled Maplelawn Garden where a large assortment of Spring flowers were in bloom. (Previous visits to Maplelawn Gardens).  The irises are opening right on time for the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit which opens Friday May 25th at The National Gallery of Canada.

At home, all three colours of my Azaleas were putting on a good show.

Photographing all of those flowers can make a person hungry so we headed over to visit my father and took along a treat.



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2012 – Tulips at Dow’s Lake, Ottawa

2012 – Tulips at Dow’s Lake, Ottawa

May 11, 2012 – Since returning from our Pennsylvania trip I have been sorting through Pennsylvania images and looking out the window at generally overcast skies and rainy weather so hadn’t got down to Dow’s Lake to see this year’s tulip display.