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Gananoque, Ontario

Gananoque, Ontario

June 2, 2012 – Gananoque sports a population of 5200 and is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River a few kilometers downstream from Kingston, Ontario. There are a number of reasons that one might want to visit Gananoque. One reason might be to visit the OLG 1,000 Islands Casino visible from the Hwy 401 intersection. As we were arriving at that intersection, we were directly behind a large white bus that acted as a shuttle bus bringing another busload of people to the Casino. We had no particular interest in following that bus into the casino parking lot since my success rate at slot machines is very low.

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Spring storm hits Ontario

April 23, 2012 – Woke up this morning to heavily overcast skies, took a look out the window, and, like the weather forecasting groundhog, decided that it might be better to get back under the covers. 

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Changeable Weekend Weather

It was a bit of a strange weekend. Saturday was nice and Graeme was able to get out and photograph some friends participating in the 10K portion of the Ottawa race weekend. Then on Sunday morning, it was raining for the start of the marathon and by the end of the day the sun peaked out from behind the clouds and the temperature started to climb. By Tuesday, temperatures of +33C with high humidity were common in Eastern Ontario.

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Upper section of Great Falls – Almonte, Ontario

After visiting the Lower section of Great Falls, I moved uphill to the upper section of Great Falls in Almonte, Ontario.

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Mediæval Fair at Osgoode, Ontario – 2009

July 12th, 2009 – My son, Graeme, called me to tell me about the Mediæval Fair at Osgoode, Ontario. Weather was great so out I went. A really good experience. One group were shooting at targets with their long bows and some long pointy things :-).

To learn more about the archery group, check out the website of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Eastern Ontario.

Then there was the location where I met some very interesting people, especially a few who like to get on horses and charge at each other with actual jousting poles called lances :-). Nothing to lose your heads over but definitely a lot less safe than my normal sports.

The spectators were assembled and looking for a bit of action.

Well, there are exceptions to every rule so this young maiden was catching a bit of shut eye and plotting a bit of a murder instead of worrying about a knight or two.

Meanwhile, all of the assistants were gathering around to help out with the mounting while others were planning a rather rough dismounting or two.

Of course, every good jousting event requires an equally talented young maiden to show what she can do and this event was no exception.

And every event needs a bit of banter and this knight was quite capable of announcing the rules, ensuring that the spectators had picked a favourite, and contributing to the overall enjoyment of the day.

The spectators have chosen sides so let the jousting begin. Jousting = two knights with long lances riding at each other mounted upon well trained horses and hoping to be able to dismount their opponent. At this point in the performance the activities became much more serious as these knights were serious about dismounting their opponent.


To the winner the spoils and the applause of the crowd.

Meanwhile, the king and his entourage were out plotting something. They were acting peaceful but one look in their eyes 🙂 and you knew that they were up to no good.
More info about the King and his entourage here:

I won’t give away the end result of all of this Osgoode activity but did enjoy the music of the Celtic Sea.
More info about the group Celtic Sea here:

UPDATE: Years have now passed by and now we have posted our shots from Kingdom of Osgoode 2012.

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Osprey, Dunrobin Marsh, Dunrobin, Ontario

Osprey with Fish

Osprey, Dunrobin Marsh, Dunrobin, Ontario

My birder friend, Gerhard, and I were out for a drive in June just to see if we might find anything of interest. As we drove downhill to the point were the bridge crosses a part of the Dunrobin Marsh, we looked over at the man-made nesting platform and saw nothing there. At that moment, Gerhard noticed an Osprey perched in a tree off to one side of the road and I suddenly saw another Osprey overhead. I quickly pulled over onto the graveled shoulder of the road. Almost immediately, a car with flashing lights on the roof pulled in right behind me.