Creative Moment – Phosphorescent Painting

52 Creative – Week 4

Last Week I went and picked up a tube of Tri-Art Phosphorescent Paint to try a different kind of “Light Painting”. The plan was to use light and the phosphorescent paint to ‘paint’ various images on the canvas, in order to continually have a new picture each night.

However; Overall the experiment was interesting but the results were less than stellar. I found that the paint needed significant amount of energizing (not sure if that’s the right word) using my high powered lights to stay bright and dimmed significantly as I ‘painted’ that only very simple drawings could be done. In addition I was getting a lot of bleed on the page which also helped to wash out detail in a complicated image. So although a neat experiment, I think that is just that an experiment; rather than a new art-form for which I can expand its uses.

The final result (with some photo-shopping to pull out the brightness).

I call it “Castle with a Dangerous Pet”

Creative Moment – Dynamic Range of the iPhone 4s

This week’s video is a quick compilation of videos I took in the first month of getting the iPhone 4s which demonstrates the dynamic range of the camera (dark scenes with bright lights).

In general I found the iPhone’s video function to work very well when using the front camera (as was in all the scenes in the video shown above) and the back camera was a no-never-mind (it does do movies, but at such a reduced quality and resolution its not something I would recommend anyone use except for FaceTime and Facebook Profile pictures).

Almost always the phone did a good job of limiting highlights by auto-exposing to the lighter sections of the movie, which for scenes with only a few point lights left the majority quite dark. When the camera did expose to a bright scene with brighter lights I noticed that the camera suffered greatly from vertical flaring (white lines instead of white points) which was an interesting result which could be artistically used in a few cases (most the time its a pain).

Overall its still a video/photo in your phone, but its likely good enough for casual users who don’t want to spend another $200-400 on a basic P&S camera.

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Creative (and Cold) Moments – Annual Polar Bear Jump

Brr… It’s cold outside, this week’s submission is from last Sunday’s Polar Bear Jump (Offically Called Sears Great Canadian Chill) where several hundred people jumped into freezing water to raise money to fight children’s cancer!

For More Photos and info on the Event – link!

For Coverage of Last Year – link!


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Creative Moments

Creative Moments

Okay, so here is my new thing for 2012; try to work on a bunch of short films of some interesting shots and try out some new equipment. Right now I will post here until I get a second website up and running (Update: So without further ado…

Here is my first Week’s Creative work, a short teaser of a film concept I am working on for

Quick Update: Found out my website on Infrared Photography got hacked and spammed so I have remade it into my review blog. May change the name later but here is the link –