Fall at Luskville Falls, Gatineau Hills, Quebec

Ron doing his photography thing (photo by Graeme).

Fall at Luskville Falls, Gatineau Hills, Quebec

After completing my retroactive blog relating to my September visit to Mer Bleue Bog, I picked up Graeme and off we went to Luskville Falls on the other side of the Ottawa River (Location).  The last time that I had been to Luskville Falls was April 2008 on a group outing with a local Flickr photo group. Then was Springtime, now was Fall.  The bare branches of Spring were now adorned with the colorful splashes of Fall colours.
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Hand Fasting Wedding at the Mediæval Fair in Osgoode, Ontario – 9th July 2011

Hand Fasting Wedding at the Mediæval Fair in Osgoode

For the third year in a row, Graeme and I have had fun photographing the activities of the Mediæval Fair at Osgoode, Ontario. (Location) This year was a special year for a young couple since it was their wedding day and therefore my photos of today’s activities (July 9th, 2011) show more wedding than jousting and more kissing than dancing. You can view one of the videos that Graeme took of the events by clicking on the above image. (Please note that these photos are copyright so we would appreciate that they be treated accordingly and not be distributed without our permission, etc.) Links to photos of the previous years’ Osgoode activities can be found here.

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Watts Creek Pathway – Ottawa Greenbelt

Watts Creek Pathway – Ottawa Greenbelt
– Approximately 6.2 km one way.

The Watts Creek Pathway has had some major upgrading in the past couple of years and I hadn’t cycled along it recently so, with rain forecast for tomorrow, I decided that today would be as good a day as any to take my bike and camera out along that newly refurbished pathway. I entered the pathway at the March Road entrance in Kanata. From there the pathway travels alongside Watts Creek which, at this time of the year, still has quite a bit of water flowing in it. By mid-summer that water flow slows to a trickle except after heavy rainfalls. The pathway crosses the creek in a couple of locations before heading out toward Moodie Drive.
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Osgoode Medieval Festival 2010

Osgoode Medieval Fair 2010

Leave the 20th century behind and head back into simpler times where chivalry and swords. This year, much like last year the main crowd drawing event at the Osgoode Medieval Fair was the Knights of Valour. A troop of individuals who ride horses and actual joust for a living. But first off the pre-joust warm-up activities!

The goal of the pre-games is to get the horses and crowd warmed up for the joust. Often with game of accuracy such as lancing a hay-bail (above) or putting the lance through consecutive rings being held up by the serfs (below). As I had my infrared Camera with me (D70s-IR @ 650nm cut) I took a lot of IR photos.

Introducing the Jousters on this day…

Each knight must choose a fair maiden from the crowd…

Then the Helmets Adorned are Battle Begins!

The joust is pretty simple, they rush at each other on horseback and try to break lances against each-other or knock the other to the ground.

This guy has the best job, he is the Jousting Official and Master of Ceremony. He basically rides his horse, makes jokes at the knights and the crowd and laughs all day because he isn’t in the heavy armor on a hot summer’s day.

A lot more pictures from the event are on my Flickr Set

UPDATE: Another two years have passed by and now we have posted our shots from Kingdom of Osgoode 2012.

Mediæval Fair at Osgoode, Ontario – 2009

July 12th, 2009 – My son, Graeme, called me to tell me about the Mediæval Fair at Osgoode, Ontario. Weather was great so out I went. A really good experience. One group were shooting at targets with their long bows and some long pointy things :-).

To learn more about the archery group, check out the website of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Eastern Ontario.

Then there was the location where I met some very interesting people, especially a few who like to get on horses and charge at each other with actual jousting poles called lances :-). Nothing to lose your heads over but definitely a lot less safe than my normal sports.

The spectators were assembled and looking for a bit of action.

Well, there are exceptions to every rule so this young maiden was catching a bit of shut eye and plotting a bit of a murder instead of worrying about a knight or two.

Meanwhile, all of the assistants were gathering around to help out with the mounting while others were planning a rather rough dismounting or two.

Of course, every good jousting event requires an equally talented young maiden to show what she can do and this event was no exception.

And every event needs a bit of banter and this knight was quite capable of announcing the rules, ensuring that the spectators had picked a favourite, and contributing to the overall enjoyment of the day.

The spectators have chosen sides so let the jousting begin. Jousting = two knights with long lances riding at each other mounted upon well trained horses and hoping to be able to dismount their opponent. At this point in the performance the activities became much more serious as these knights were serious about dismounting their opponent.


To the winner the spoils and the applause of the crowd.

Meanwhile, the king and his entourage were out plotting something. They were acting peaceful but one look in their eyes 🙂 and you knew that they were up to no good.
More info about the King and his entourage here: www.ractenor.com

I won’t give away the end result of all of this Osgoode activity but did enjoy the music of the Celtic Sea.
More info about the group Celtic Sea here: www.celticsea.bravehost.com/

UPDATE: Years have now passed by and now we have posted our shots from Kingdom of Osgoode 2012.

Oil Springs, Ontario

Oil Springs, Ontario

I managed to get into The Pinery Provincial Park last night and got my tent up without getting too wet but the next morning, everything was dripping wet. After packing up the still wet tent, I decided to try to go for a hike along one of the nature trails. It wasn’t long before I decided that walking along a soggy nature trail on a cold, damp drizzly day wouldn’t be good for me or for the camera so hoped in the car and went looking for something else to visit. Wasn’t long before I arrived at the Oil Springs Museum site. Interesting to see the spot where Canada’s oil industry began less about 150 years ago. Definitely a sobering thought. Only about 150 years ago and horses and buggies were the thing to drive. WOW!

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