Ottawa Grassroots Festival – 2013

Ottawa Grassroots Festival – 2013


This weekend the Rideau Curling Club of Ottawa is home to the Ottawa Grassroots Festival (location), a two-day event featuring wonderful music, workshops and a kidzone with plenty of things to keep the kids interested (Festival Website). I was there because of my involvement with the Ottawa Folklore Center sponsored acapella community choir, Folka Voca, which was performing at 4:30PM. Continue reading

Carp Farmer’s Market 2012

Carp Farmer’s Market 2012

We took a quick trip out to the Carp Farmer’s Market to take a look at what was for offer this year. My wife purchased a bit of farm produce and I chatted with a few photographers and snapped the shutter a few times.

The 149th Annual Carp Fair opens Sept 21st-23rd this year.  For more information about that country fair, visit their website at: Carp Fair 2012


A few more fire hydrants for my collection of fire hydrant images, this time they come from the fair grounds at Carp, Ontario.



Butterflies – Lemon Pansy – Jumonia lemonias

Butterflies – Lemon Pansy – Jumonia lemonias


Photographed at the Carleton University “Live” Butterfly exhibit in the Fall of 2010. (Location)

The Lemon Pansy is a small to medium-sized Asian butterfly that is common in old fields, vacant lots and similar well-lit quiet areas. A quick flyer but stops to rest with wings open near to the ground so accommodating for photographers. It is a member of the Nymphalidae family of butterflies (brush-footed butterflies). It belongs to the same sub-family: Nymphalinae as the Tortoiseshells of North America. The underwing colour is a dull brown with t a few spots.




OVAS GIANT AUCTION today – March 4th, 2012

Notice – 28/01/2013: The 2013 version of the OVAS Giant Auction will be held on Sunday, March 24th, 2013. It will be part of a two-day ‘Aquamania’. On March 23 – 24th, 2013, the Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society presents it`s first ever AquaMania event at the Best Western Hotel and Conference Centre, 1876 Robertson Road, Bells Corners (Location). On Saturday, March 23rd, 2013, OVAS has a great lineup of guest speakers including Dr. Stephan Tanner, Jamie Baquero, Dr. Hernan Lopez-Fernandez, Les Wilson and Jason Baliban. Topics will cover freshwater and saltwater. OVAS will also have a manufacturer exhibit and sales room running all day. On Sunday, March 24th, 2013, it will be the OVAS Giant Auction! Note that the location of the auction has changed. For this year, the location will be the Best Western Hotel and Conference Center and not the Jack Purcell Center


OVAS GIANT AUCTION today – March 4th, 2012

March 4th, 2012 – The fun has begun and I’m at the Jack Purcell Center (location) helping to set things up for today’s big event.

It’s 9AM and the work has certainly begun in earnest. Tables have to be set up, chairs have to be lined up and all of the equipment has to be checked out. Of course, every good operation requires a supervisor with a  cup of coffee 🙂 and, once the guys have all of the tables lined up, along comes someone else to point out how they should be numbered. 🙂 🙂
Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society Giant Auction March 2012

Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society Giant Auction March 2012 Continue reading

Invitational International Chicken-Rib Cook Off – Sparks Street Mall, Ottawa, Ontario

Last night, in the House of Commons, the politicians were debating the future of Canada’s postal service – see previous post. (UPDATE: FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011 – 8AM – Debate has gone on all night and is still going on! 4:30 PM  update – the debate continues! Update 2 – Went on for 58 hours!!)

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The Anhinga Trail, Everglades National Park, Florida

The Anhinga Trail in Everglades National Park consists of a path along an elevated dike and a series of elevated boardwalks out over the marsh and ponds of the area. Many varieties of plant and animal life exist in the area especially in the dry season when the wildlife congregate around the deeper ponds.The closeness of the wildlife offers photographers plenty of things to point their cameras at. The most noticeable of the creatures that favour this location are the Black Vultures, the Alligators and the Anhinga themselves so I’ve posted separate blog entries on those three as photographed during this visit.
Black Vultures, Alligators, Anhingas

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Mediæval Fair at Osgoode, Ontario – 2010

2010 – Another year has passed by and once again Graeme and I find ourselves visiting Osgoode, Ontario to enjoy the jousting, the archery, the dancing and the costumed folks taking a step back in time to the mediæval days of the Kingdom of Osgoode. For more information about the performers visit their respective websites:
The Kingdom of Osgoode:
The Archery:
The King and his entourage:
The knights and their shining armor:
The Musicians:


As in the previous year, there were plenty of different clothing styles and colours to see if you keep your eyes open.

The knights in shining armor are not just there as decorations and participate in some pretty heavy duty and dangerous jousting competitions over the course of the Osgoode event.

For the spectators, there is plenty to see again this year. Music is supplied by the Celtic Sea and dance displays are scheduled throughout the day. Unlike 2009, this year, all of the events are in one locations so walking from one event to the other is much easier.

While the knights in shining armor were preparing for the next jousting contest, I continued to wander around the fair grounds photographing the many scenes.

Back at the jousting grounds, the saddles were still empty but spectators and photographers were beginning to claim their peace of real estate in preparation for the action that was soon to come.

Soon it was time to just sit back and enjoy the action as announcements were made, maidens were honored, some preliminary competitions showing speed, horsemanship and dexterity were out of the way, and then it was on to some heavy duty jousting action.

The jousting poles (lances) were ready. What were we waiting for?

Ah yes, before they lose their heads, each knight must select a young maiden to cheer them on and, of course, it is important to protect that head before trying not to lose it!


When contact is made, the modern day lance is designed to break in a safer manner. Still makes a great sound when lance hits armor and the splinters and parts fly into the air. Maximum points are scored when the opponent is unseated from his horse. This particular day, both riders scored points for serious contact on their opponent’s chest plate but both riders managed to stay aloft.

It was a hot day, and both knights wasted no time getting out of thier armor at the end of th ematch.

Jousting matches were enjoyed by the spectators who soon turned their attention to the other sport – shopping.

Every good Kingdom and just as in the past year, the Kingdom of Osgoode is no different. Always surrounded by beautiful women. Boy, what a royally tough job 🙂

Lots of good times. Hopefully, my travel plans for 2011 will allow me to visit the Kingdom of Osgoode again.

UPDATE: Another two year have passed by and now we have posted our shots from Kingdom of Osgoode 2012.

Ragged Falls, Algonquin Park, Ontario (OPC Outing) – September 2007

Ragged Falls, Algonquin Park, Ontario (OPC Outing)

Ragged Falls was one of many scenic points of interest that I traveled to see with a group of photographers from the Ontario Photo Collective (OPC). The Falls are located just off Highway 60 between the western edge of Algonquin park and Huntsville, Ontario. Getting to the Falls from the parking lot is pretty easy. Finding the right angle for a good photographic image is a bit more difficult especially getting a shot from below the falls.
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Osgoode Hall – “Doors Open”, Toronto

Osgoode Hall – “Doors Open”, Toronto
This weekend, we were in Toronto to photograph some of the buildings which would not normally be open to the public for photography. The “Open Doors” weekend provides access to a great many buildings in Toronto, both public and private, and we had the pleasure of visiting a number of those buildings with members of the Ontario Photo Collective (OPC).
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“Doors Open” – Toronto 2006

Very few people visit Toronto, Ontario without at least taking a peek at the CN Tower. I’ve been there often but this was my first time to be there with a digital SLR. The “Doors Open” Toronto 2006 was underway and we were in town to join up with some OPC photographers to visit and photograph the insides of a few of Toronto’s more interesting buildings.

We weren’t the only camera-toting ones at that location.

And the CN Tower wasn’t the only thing being photographed :-).