Carleton University Butterfly Show, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

Day 2 of the Carleton University Butterfly Show and I was there again to see if I could photograph a few more of the 41 species that they will have there this year. Will be uploading photos later today. For info about the show times and location, see my October 2, 2010 blog entry. Carleton butterflies Day one

Striped Tiger Butterfly/ Tiger Heliconius/Ismenius Tiger (Heliconius ismenius) – Central America south to Venezuela

This AM, it seemed that the temperature and humidity in the greenhouses was a bit higher and that caused more of a condensation problem on my lenses than I encountered yesterday. It was a bit cooler outside and I parked my car a bit further away so that would have contributed to the fogging issue. Not a major problem. Just had to wait a bit for the equalization to work itself out.

Didn’t manage to photograph all 41 species yet so I guess that I’ll just have to find time to try again :-).

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