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Almonte, Ontario – A bit of History and Architecture

This blog entry will be focusing on a bit of the architecture and history of Almonte. (Location) Although a few photos of the Mississippi River and the Great Falls are included in this post, please refer to previous blog entries if you are interested in seeing the river and Great Falls in more detail and completeness. Great Falls – Lower SectionUpper Section

The Mississippi River has played an important role in the history of Almonte, providing as it did the gravitational power of the river’s 60+ foot plunge over layered bedrock which was harnessed to operate a number of woollen and grist mills in the area. The river’s water later turned power turbines for electrical power generation. Although the grist mills and woollen mills are no longer in operation, electrical power generation at the location of the Great Falls has been upgraded and expanded recently to better service modern electricity demands.

Aquariums Tennessee USA

Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga, Tennessee (Part II)

Penguin swimming

The first part of this multi-part posting of my visit to the Tennessee Aquarium focused on the orchids and butterflies exhibits and a few of stingrays on exhibit. This Part II highlights the reefs and the jelly fish displays. The jelly fish are a bit tough to photograph because they are in constant motion but I was surprised by the number of different varieties that the Tennessee Aquarium had on display and the amount of aquarium space that they had allocated to displaying these interesting creatures. Part III covers the “River Journey” building.

Coral Reef - Tennessee Aquarium