Rockwell Museum of Western Art – Corning, NY

Rockwell Museum of Western Art – Corning, NY (Location)

We stayed in the Radisson Hotel overnight. Comfortable beds and a nice sleep until someone decided to start using a concrete drill in the room above us! The day started off with low cloud or fog obscuring our view of the hill across from the hotel but that soon lifted and , with the sun shining brightly, the temperature began to climb. We had no interest in staying in our room with the drilling going on overhead so quickly packed our bags and headed to the parking lot. We had chosen the Radisson, in part, because of its proximity to everything that we wanted to see so with everything packed away safely in our Subaru Forester, we found a nice place to eat and began our day of exploring. Continue reading

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Our tour bus for the day - 17 adults, a guide and a driver - THE FAMILY

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Today, I was a tourist going on a tour of Santo Domingo. (location) Our tour bus would be our mobile home-away-from-home from 6AM to 8PM. – 17 adults, a guide and a driver – THE FAMILY! Look Ma – No Washroom – No problem FAMILY – we’ll just stop at the next tourist shop!!! How convenient. There’s one now —– A comfortable ride but a long ride in each direction. Up before dawn and arriving back at the resort after dark.

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