Check It Out Films – 2nd Film Cast & Crew Shots

Check It Out Films – 2nd Film Cast & Crew Shots

Julian, Mike and I are once again making another Short Film under the production banner of Check It Out Films. This time around Mike took the reins on this Romanic Comedy/Drama. During the days of filming I took a few pictures of some of the cast and crew.

The lead actress Kimberly Wolfe.

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ISS Flyby & Hercules Cluster

ISS Flyby & Hercules Cluster

Tonight was a clear night with several visible ISS flybys. Using the GH2 for the first time I mounted it on my telescope mount to track the stars so that only the ISS itself was streaking across the stars. The above picture has a bit of a jitter as I was trying to capture the fast moving ISS station and reposition the camera to take the shot.

This shot is of the Uras Major (Big Dipper) as the ISS station passes close-by constellation. While waiting for the ISS station to do the flybys I also set-up my telescope with the GH2 to take some pictures of M13, the Hercules Cluster.

Although not the largest cluster in the sky (that is the Centauri cluster) it is the largest in the northern sky whereby North America and Europe and Russia can see.

Ottawa Race Weekend

Ottawa Race Weekend – 10KM Race

As I knew at least one of my photography friends were running in today’s 10KM race I decided to stake out Queen & Lyon and see if I could catch a few pictures of them.

I had No idea how many people would be in this race, a lot more than I had initially expected. Fortunately I knew about the bunnies (people wearing bunny hats who run at a fixed pace so runners can judge theirs). Some apparently went all out on their costumes and signs.

Finally I was able to get a picture of Rebeckah Running by with her running partner Amanda.

Saying Goodbye to the Masai Mara

African Safari – Saying Goodbye to the Masai Mara National Park

First, I should say that I don’t know who Jess or Sean are, but the leaf carving outside the SOPA lodge was an interesting find (see the above banner).

This was our last early morning game drive in the Mara to look for the elusive leopard and whatever else we could find. Surprisingly, we did manage to photograph some new animals we hadn’t identified yet on earlier drives.
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To Amsterdam

To Amsterdam

A quick glance at the white cliffs of Dover and we got on a ferry bound for Europe!

The Trip over was pretty uneventful, time to talk to fellow travellers and start planning out Amsterdam.

We had to drive through Belgium, pretty nice country-side.

And, of course, the first place we stop… Mc Something or other!

We did stop along the way for windmills, once we were in the Netherlands!
Next, we visited a small town, and got to bike around to see the sights.

Our Bike tour took us along one of the multitude of canals.
We eventually reached a man-made lake, pretty cool to see.
Then, we headed back to the bus to head off to the next place – Cheese & Clogs!