Hardwood Flooring

Back at the start of the summer we talked about replacing some carpet in the house. The choices would be new carpet or some combination of laminate flooring or hardwood flooring or … the list goes on.  Then, just at the right moment, along came the local hardware store with one of their truckload sales of various hardwoods in various colours and stains. We ended up deciding on the hardwood option and a natural oak appearance. The plan expanded from one room to four rooms and now that the job is almost finished, it is time to look for my camera again and time to haul out those travel brochures (and finish a few of my unfinished posts from the early summer).


Earth Shine and the Waxing Crescent Moon

Earth Shine and the Moon

The moon is once again making an appearance in the night sky. It is currently in the waxing crescent, and it’s a good opportunity to try and capture some earth-shine.

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