Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse, NY

It was Spring, the weather was clearing up a bit and this was my first visit to a zoo since being on safari in Africa six months earlier. Seeing lions and elephants in a zoo setting won’t be the same after seeing them roaming free in the Serengeti but I did enjoy the visit to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo (Location). They have used the available space and terrain to provide plenty of viewing spots for the visitors without giving an impression that the animals are ‘caged’. This is especially noticeable in the enclosures for the mountain sheep and the tigers.
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Tradewinds Park, Coconut Springs, Florida

The Butterfly World Complex is situated in Tradewinds Park in Coconut Springs, Florida so after the facility closed for the evening I had time to walk around the park with my camera while waiting for John to return from his cycling trip. The park is surprisingly large and being used for a variety of sports and recreation activities.

Bailey and KC were two golden retrievers out in the park having a good time chasing balls until one found a nice place to get rather dirty.

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Offa’s Dyke Path – Day 7

The Border again
The Offa’s Dyke Trail crosses back and forth across the border between England and Wales on numerous occasions. In this instance we were heading back into England but it seemed like time for an early morning photo so I set the camera up on my day pack, aimed it set the timer and ran to my allotted spot.

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Old Quarry Trail – Ottawa’s Greenbelt, Kanata, Ontario

Old Quarry Trail – Ottawa’s Greenbelt, Kanata, Ontario

Located at the corner of Eagleson and Hazeldean Roads in Kanata, Ontario, with parking across the street from the Hazeldean Mall, the Old Quarry Trail is one of the most reliable places to view white-tailed deer during the winter months but a bit less so in mid-summer, so I was happy on this day’s outing to be able to photograph a lovely white-tailed deer at close range. (Location)

The white-tailed deer is the most common of the North American hoofed mammals and appears to be quite tolerant of human activity and habitat encroachment in many areas of the country. Likes to feed on grasses and low bushes in open clearings and along highway embankments where unfortunately it loses many a battle with vehicle traffic.

White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianis)

This same day, I was surprised to find a hoard of ground snails feasting on what appeared to be cotoneaster bushes