About Graeme

Graeme has over 15 years of Photographic Experience, starting on Pentax Film SLR he quickly made the jump over to digital. Digital photography allowed for a significant increase in the number of photos he could take at the same time as decrease the cost per photo (Film vs. CF cards).

When travelling digital cameras have a great benefit because it eliminates the hassle of film: carrying film, limited number of exposures, airport x-ray scanners on unprocessed film, no in-field checking.

Current he uses primarily a Nikon Z6 when traveling to cut down on weight and size; he has used Lumix GH4 Previously and Nikon D90 for travels along with a host of underwater cameras (Lumix brand) and GoPros.

Berlin Arc

Graeme has traveled Europe and North America, the Caribbean, made a quick stop-over in some Japanese Airports before heading south to do some island hoping and snorkeling in the east Pacific. Currently has plans are for travels to the other “A” continents Africa, Asia, and Australia (and New Zealand) assuming I ever get over Europe.

Graeme also loves to snorkel and does so whenever a trip has the opportunity. He tends to prefer smaller P&S cameras for water activities, they are light and easy to swim with at the same time less expensive to replace if something does go wrong under the sea; and currently sports a Lumix T5S for that purpose.

Picture of a Fish and Coral

Guarding the Hole in the Reef Below

And finally Graeme is a huge fan of night photography, sometimes waiting minutes for an exposure to be completed in order to get a high contrast shot in the middle of the night.

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