Barcelo Premium Marina Palace and Cayo Libertad – Checking out the resort

Barcelo Premium Marina Palace and Cayo Libertad – Checking out the resort

One of the benefits of the direct flight from Ottawa was our arrival time. After checking in and taking a look at our room, we still had most of the afternoon to look around the resort in daylight hours.

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Maple syrup and pancakes. Mmmm. Good!

Weather was nice and we decided that it would be a nice day to take my father out for a ride in the country. Arrived in Pakenham, crossed the old stone bridge, and headed up into the hills to Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush. Found out that there were a few people there before us. What a surprise! :-).
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Mediæval Fair at Osgoode, Ontario – 2010

2010 – Another year has passed by and once again Graeme and I find ourselves visiting Osgoode, Ontario to enjoy the jousting, the archery, the dancing and the costumed folks taking a step back in time to the mediæval days of the Kingdom of Osgoode. For more information about the performers visit their respective websites:
The Kingdom of Osgoode:
The Archery:
The King and his entourage:
The knights and their shining armor:
The Musicians:


As in the previous year, there were plenty of different clothing styles and colours to see if you keep your eyes open.

The knights in shining armor are not just there as decorations and participate in some pretty heavy duty and dangerous jousting competitions over the course of the Osgoode event.

For the spectators, there is plenty to see again this year. Music is supplied by the Celtic Sea and dance displays are scheduled throughout the day. Unlike 2009, this year, all of the events are in one locations so walking from one event to the other is much easier.

While the knights in shining armor were preparing for the next jousting contest, I continued to wander around the fair grounds photographing the many scenes.

Back at the jousting grounds, the saddles were still empty but spectators and photographers were beginning to claim their peace of real estate in preparation for the action that was soon to come.

Soon it was time to just sit back and enjoy the action as announcements were made, maidens were honored, some preliminary competitions showing speed, horsemanship and dexterity were out of the way, and then it was on to some heavy duty jousting action.

The jousting poles (lances) were ready. What were we waiting for?

Ah yes, before they lose their heads, each knight must select a young maiden to cheer them on and, of course, it is important to protect that head before trying not to lose it!


When contact is made, the modern day lance is designed to break in a safer manner. Still makes a great sound when lance hits armor and the splinters and parts fly into the air. Maximum points are scored when the opponent is unseated from his horse. This particular day, both riders scored points for serious contact on their opponent’s chest plate but both riders managed to stay aloft.

It was a hot day, and both knights wasted no time getting out of thier armor at the end of th ematch.

Jousting matches were enjoyed by the spectators who soon turned their attention to the other sport – shopping.

Every good Kingdom and just as in the past year, the Kingdom of Osgoode is no different. Always surrounded by beautiful women. Boy, what a royally tough job 🙂

Lots of good times. Hopefully, my travel plans for 2011 will allow me to visit the Kingdom of Osgoode again.

UPDATE: Another two year have passed by and now we have posted our shots from Kingdom of Osgoode 2012.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade – New Orleans 2009

We were in New Orleans and looking for a parade.  We had missed the main St. Patrick’s parade but were told not to worry because, in New Orleans, there is always a parade somewhere! So with that in mind, and a bit more questioning, we arrived at the Marigny Brasserie at the corner of Royal and Frenchmen.

Now came the next big question, to eat or wait.

No one seemed to have an exact time for when the local parade might start. They all agreed that we were in the ideal spot. They all agreed that the parade participants would come down Royal and turn at Frenchmen, but no one seemed to know exactly when!

Eventually some activity, some noise and the parade began with a cavalcade of dune buggies leading the way.

** see more dune buggies at the end of this post if you are interested in seeing the many varieties, etc. ***

The Farhad Grotto Klowns Funster bus marked the end of the buggies and the start of the banners, marchers and musicians. A lot of P&S cameras flashing away and then there was me and this fellow right out there in the middle of the road :-).

The predominant color was, of course, GREEN.