Carleton University Butterfly Exhibition 2012 – Day 3

Carleton University Butterfly Exhibition 2012 – Day 3

I arrived at the Greenhouse on Monday just as the last of the school group tours was finishing for the day.  That left about an hour to photograph the butterflies with only a limited number of people in the greenhouse (i.e no line-up and no crowd).

It seemed that, this year, there were people arriving with ever more creative ways to try to entice the butterflies to land on their particular piece of orange. This one creative woman combined both a flower head and an orange slice but, from my limited observation, it appeared that the butterflies preferred the orange pieces carried by children :-). Sometimes, even just an oustretched hand seemed to suffice if you were young enough.

Each time that I come to Carleton University’s butterfly exhibit, I try to photograph a few different species of butterfly.  Sometimes the butterflies agree with that plan and cooperate and sometimes they don’t. Today was one of the days when they seemed to want to cooperate with me a bit more than usual.

Even the smaller butterflies which can sometimes seem to never stop flapping their wings long enough for me to focus and click were being a bit more cooperative.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on the best place to stand and wait or whether to move around the greenhouse instead of just waiting in one spot. Invariably, the vacated spot always seems to be the best spot :-).

All of that delicious-looking fresh fruit is making me hungry.  Time to leave :-).

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  1. neeroc says:

    Absolutely stunning! I cannot wait to take V to this, I think she’s still a bit young though, I fear for their safety *g*.

  2. Amanda says:

    Is there anyway that I could find out the name of a specific butterfly you’ve taken a picture of?

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