Upper Canada Village near Morrisburg, Ontario

Upper Canada Village near Morrisburg, Ontario (Location)

We had some visitors from the U.S earlier this week so spent some time visiting the Upper Canada Village located between Cornwall, Ontario and Morrisburg, Ontario. I have been there a few times in recent years photographing the seasonal lights but this was the first time in quite a while that I had visited the village in daylight hours without snow on the ground. (Previous Upper Canada Village posts)

In the past year, the new entrance has been completed and provides access to the Village properties as well as to a new museum-style group of displays. This year, the displays focus heavily on the events of the war of 1812-14 which impacted this area directly when the Americans crossed the St. Lawrence River and battled with the locals, the natives and the British at Crysler Farm. The village itself reflects a period of time closer to the mid 1800’s but with this being the bicentennial of the War of 1812-14  Canada and with the Fall of 1813 marking the bicentennial of the actual battles at Crysler Farm, there is more than a normal emphasis on the events of the 1812-14 period. Continue reading

St. Lawrence County Historical Association Civil War Weekend (July 28-29th, 2012)

St. Lawrence County Historical Association Civil War Weekend  (July 28-29th, 2012)

In addition to the military encampment hosted by the 2nd Michigan, Co E Reenactment Unit and the battle reenactment itself, both of which will be covered in separate blog entries, the Civil War Weekend presented by the St. Lawrence County Historical Association of Massena, NY (SLCHA) also included vendors (sutlers) of period clothing and miscellaneous items Civil War reenactor interest, hands-on displays of period armaments, chair re-caning demonstrations, a fashion show titled “The Many Layers of a 19th Century Woman”, and many other ‘educational’ components. Hopefully, the following images will provide a bit of the flavour (Canadian spelling :-)) of the day. Continue reading

Land Battle Re-enactment of the French and Indian War at Ogdensburg July 22, 2012

Land Battle Re-enactment of the French and Indian War at Ogdensburg – July 22, 2012

Each July the folks of Ogdensburg, New York turn the clock back a few hundred years on a piece of open land at Lighthouse Point on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in order to welcome re-enactors interested in the skirmishes that occurred in the 18th century when this piece of property was the site of Fort de la Presentation. They are hoping that some day they will have been able to raise sufficient funds to begin a reconstruction of the fort itself as a tourist site of historical and educational interest. More information about Fort de la Presentation is here.

Click on image for larger view of this on-site placard.

As the beginning of the land battle draws closer, cannons roll in, the drummers start drumming and the troops assemble in period clothing ready to do battle. Lots of noise and smoke as the black powder artillery adds to the drama of the re-enactment.

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The Encampment at the Re-enactment of French and Indian War at Ogdensburg, NY July 22th, 2012

The Encampment at the Re-enactment of French and Indian War at Ogdensburg, NY July 22th, 2012

After the water battle drew to a close, I had some time available to wander among the many tents of the encampment to say hello to some of the reenactors whom I had met in previous years. It’s a fun time for me as I try to find a few more scenes or items to photograph that  one would not normally encounter in present-day life.
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Kingdom of Osgoode 2011

Kingdom of Osgoode 2011
Note: Once we have the time to do so, Graeme and Ron Hay will be posting Kingdom of Osgoode 2013 images here: Kingdom of Osgoode 2013 (Saturday and Sunday)

Again we travel back in time (and about 30 minutes south of Ottawa) to the Kingdom of Osgoode and their Annual Medieval Festival. (Location) This year there was a lot going on, from Song and Dance on the Main Stage and Real Live Sword-fighting and Jousting to a Real Hand Fasting Wedding. If all you want is a quick overview of the activities this year I did take video using my new Lumix GH2 camera and have compiled the shots into a short video of the event. To see the video, click on the next image.

So I’m going to start with what really makes this festival such a treat, and that all the people who come out in period clothing, they really make this a special treat.

Of course it is the 21st century and its always a bit of fun to see what creeps into the photos; mainly glasses (people like to see) and water bottles (because sun was out and it was hot outside).

I also had the chance to do some more “pose” type shots of the Steam Pixie from Verdigris grove. They make a lot of fea masks and enchanted looking trinkets. I did play around a bit with this photo using Magic Bullet Looks and Photoshop to try to get that “Steam Punk” look.

Some limited success, I should probably study art styles more. I tried to get this modern day robin hood character to look as menacing as possible.

Well that it for me and Photoshopping for this event… Next Up, Hand to hand combat, Thor demands it!

So the Chivalrous Sword-handling group put on a nice sword fighting display for the festival, it included a couple of live steel fights along with more foam based fights and melee.

This next photo is a crop from the melee, I don’t know about proper form or stance but this just looks cool.

Next some Political Punishment.

Councillor Thompson for the region apparently (willingly) signed up to be placed in the stocks. The mayor of Ottawa (Jim Watson) also showed up to cheer him on and get in on the pelting of wet sponges at the councillor, all in good jest mind you.

I also had the GH2 to take a video of the stockage, so please enjoy.

Of course afterwards Thompson had to throw some wet sponges as well.

Next I’ll cover the on-stage activities…

Osgoode Medieval Festival 2009

Osgoode Medieval Festival 2009

Just South of Ottawa is the small town of Osgoode, Ontario which hosts an annual festival of Medieval Proportions. There is a lot to do at one of these festivals, they have a marketplace, jousting arena (professionals only), archery, hand to hand combat, etc. Continue reading