Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

So this is not the first time MegaPixelTravel adventures have visited the Giant’s Causeway, Ron visited the site in 2007 which you can read about here. Suffice it to say, Northern Ireland tourism has exploded since then and the site is far busier these days.

I took the Red Trail which is a bit of a hike but the views are worth it!

The site is now busy as ever and tourists are fortunately still able to explore the site, although there are more attendants around the site they seem to take a back stage approach to managing the site. Although they are best to ask about how close to the water’s edge is advisable.

As far as one can go!
Wandering around on the wetter rocks…
Das Boot!
Tourists Wandering over the top of the Giant’s Causeway
Rock Outcrop along the Path to Giant’s Causeway

Can you Spot Humphrey the Camel?

Guess its time to see about grabbing a tea… oh look another castle!

Dunluce Castle which you can only see from the highway (the bus did not stop) as you are leaving.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

August 31, 2012 – Copenhagen is the first stop on our three country tour. The Copenhagen airport (Location) is very nice with real wooden floors and Danish furniture everywhere (not surprising but nice). To get here, we drove from Ottawa to P.E. Trudeau Airport in Montreal, flew from Montreal to Heathrow Airport in London and then flew from Heathrow to Copenhagen. Transfer times were a bit tight due to an hour delay leaving Montreal. Signs in the airport were in English and Danish so no need for the Berlitz European Phrase Book yet :-). Continue reading

2nd quarter 2012 – MPT most viewed

2nd quarter 2012 – MPT most viewed

The following subjects were the most viewed MPT blog posts for the past three months.

Top ranking – The two Kingdom of Osgoode posts from 2011 – I guess everyone likes looking at brides on horses with an entourage of armor-coated best men! Hopefully, Graeme or I will be able to photograph this year’s event. Always interesting!
Kingdom of Osgoode 2011
Hand Fasting Wedding at the Mediæval Fair in Osgoode, Ontario – July 2011

Near the top (educational post)– Images of Poison Ivy. No surprise there. Each year, as the itching begins, people find out that they, or their children, have been exposed to Poison Ivy and, since the rash shows up a day or two after exposure, the search for images and information invariably leads the sufferers to our poison ivy pictorial tutorial. Doesn’t stop the scratching but at least, hopefully, our posting will help some folks avoid contact and avoid the suffering the next time they get near the stuff.
Poison Ivy (Images and Description)

Near the top (athletics post) – Images from the Ottawa Race Weekend Marathon were the most active but a significant number of individuals still arrive each month to look through the many pages of the posting for the 2011 Ottawa Bicycle Club Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour.
The Marathon
Ottawa Bicycle Club 2011 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour


Near the top (Scientific posts)
Sun photos (With solar filter)

Near the top (Flora and fauna posts) – Butterfly images get top billing but snakes are also right up there! Most searches for butterfly information arrive at our Carleton University butterfly exhibit summary page. Since we have butterfly images scattered throughout our posts, the total number of visitors coming to our posts due to butterflies is definitely high. Snakes on the other hand are just too numerous at the Narcisse snake pits in Manitoba. Visitors to that post just love to pass the link along to their friends to freak them out :-)!
Butterflies at Carleton University – using the MPT internal search function (upper right of screen just above “share this blog”) usually works well for finding other butterfly images in MPT posts but can sometimes yield interesting results.

Narcisse, Manitoba snake pits – an MPT image from this post is highlighted in one of Frommer’s tour guides which suggests the Narcisse pits as a top tourist destination for May – if you like snakes, that is.

Near the top (International travel) – Individually, each travel post gets high numbers of views but, collectively, views on posts for individual trips are always very high. To see our posts from a particular international region, just click on the category box to the right of the screen. Whether searching the Serengeti for lions or snorkeling in Saipan or just wandering through New York City, we hope that you will find some interesting images and come back often.

Best of summer to everyone.