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Kronborg Slot – Helsingor

Kronborg Slot – Helsingor

Kronborg Slot (Castle) is the castle setting for the Shakespearean play “Hamlet”.  A fan of Shakespeare’s writings, how could I pass up a visit? I couldn’t. Therefore, after visiting the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, we took the train to Helsingor to visit this famous castle.

The castle is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its importance in Danish history, not for its importance in a Shakesperean play, so, as we toured the castle grounds, it was a bit difficult to separate the two lives of this castle. Inside the castle itself (or Slot in Denmark) is a large ball room, apparently the largest in Europe at the time that it was constructed.

Many of the Rooms were lined with tapestries and paintings from the danish monarch.

There were other sort of trinkets such as statues and period items around the castle for people to look at, this one caught my eye.

Also under the castle were the Casemates, a sort of a series of connected underground chambers. Don’t be fooled by the pictures, it was quite dark down there.

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