Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race – April 2011

The photos in this post are for the 2011 Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race. March 31, 2012 UPDATE: – The 2012 race is now over. I have uploaded my photos from the 2012 race here: 2012 Upper Jock River Canoe and Kayak Race

The Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race race is over for another year. I had a great time photographing the many different boat configurations as they went past my location near the last set of rapids. Weather conditions were perfect (+15C or so, sunny, no wind) and the water was high enough that hitting rocks was a challenge this year. The organizers were very happy that it rained last week and raised the water levels that extra bit!

The photos posted here are copyright, Ron Hay, and are posted for enjoyment only, not for commercial use or reproduction. We are not set up for high volume retail on-line sales of prints, so, if you are a participant looking to purchase photos of yourself on the river, I suggest that you contact Leon, at www.TotalPhoto.ca to see if he might have what you want. If he missed your passage, contact me by e-mail and I’ll see if I can fill in the gaps (added note: at prices similar to Leon’s. i.e. not free!).

I don’t know who came in first (or last). For that kind of information, I suggest that you contact the race organizers through the official Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race web site.

As the hour mark approached, spectators began to line the banks and the wildlife headed for higher ground.

The first boat to arrive at my spot got a special round of applause but, since the race participants have a staggered start, there is no way for me to know final placings so the images posted here appear in more or less the order in which the boats passed my spot.

Boat 20

Boat 65

Boat 33

Boat 82

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6 Responses to Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race – April 2011

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  2. Keith Doe says:

    Hi Ron, thanks again for your help along the shore near the finish line. Do you sell copies of the photos? (interested in the two close ups headed into shore)

    Keith (boat 91)

    • Ron says:

      The short answer is “Yes .”
      The slightly longer answer is ” Yes, I can, but since we don’t have the website set up for retail ordering and payment, we’ll need to use e-mail instead.”
      My e-mail is shutterNclick (at) bell.net.

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