Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race – April 2009

Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race – April 2009

The photos in this post are from the April 2009 race.

April 2011 update: The 2011 race is now over. I have uploaded my photos from the 2011 race here:2011 Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race photos

March 31, 2012 UPDATE: – The 2012 race is now over. I have uploaded my photos from the 2012 race here: 2012 Upper Jock River Canoe and Kayak Race

The official Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race Site.

Although some friends had suggested that I enter the 2009 race, I decided to just enjoy photographing it instead. Graeme was also interested in photographing the race so he positioned himself closer to the starting line while I decided to go downstream and find myself a tree to sit in at the first rapids after the golf course. By the time that the racers reached my location, they were quite spread out but their highly varied approach to this small area of rapids, after paddling a mile or two of flat, fast flowing water through the fen was fun to watch as well as to photograph. Photographs posted here are posted in the order that the paddlers passed my location but has little to do with the final position placement since contestants started the race at staggered times.

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