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Upper Jock River Canoe and Kayak Race – 2012

Upper Jock River Canoe and Kayak Race – 2012

The unseasonably warm weather of the past week or so is beginning to have an effect on lots of things.  X-C skiing is certainly tough with no snow but another local event, the Upper Jock River Canoe and Kayak Race is also affected by the warm weather. The race organizers rely on the Spring snow melt to provide sufficient water flow in the Jock River to allow them to stage a race without too many boats scraping bottom along the route.

I was visiting their official site ( today and see that they have decided that the lack of snow cover has forced them to move the date for the race ahead again. It is now tentatively scheduled for March 31, 2012 but it is strongly advised to keep going back to their site in case they have to change the date again. At the moment, Graeme and I might be along the shoreline at some point with our cameras as we have been in two of the past three years. With any luck it won’t start snowing :-).

2009 Jock River Race blog and photos
2011 Jock River Race blog and photos.

Best of luck to everyone who is entered for the 2012 event.

UPDATE: March 31, 2012 – The 2012 race is now over and uploading of the photos from that event has begun. View here: 2012 Upper Jock River Canoe and Kayak Race




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