Ecological Tour of Cayo Coco

Ecological Tour of Cayo Coco

Among all the flashy excursions on catamarans, swimming with dolphins, and paragliding is this little trip. For only 10 Cuban Convertible Pesos you can get on a small “Train” and get driven to various locations near the resort. One of the big benefits of this tour is that there are no windows to block your view and your travelling at a speed that is slow enough that you can get pictures of the island foliage without it streaking by.

First stop was right around the corner at a upscale Spa.

On the inside it was very impressive, with much detail put into every room to make it a nice and relaxing as possible. Apparently fountains are very calming…

Now once we got out too the back of the spa, it was a sight too see, an outdoor heated salt-water pool, hammocks, message tents and a bar serving upgraded rum.

we were only there for about 20 minutes but like me, everyone put the hammocks to good use and enjoyed the view! Did I mention I really like hammocks?

After a short rest we all got back on the train and headed to our next destination!

Oh what could it be?

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