Cycling in Florida – Merritt Island Vultures and Armadillos

The day started out nicely with a blue sky and cooing doves greeting us in the morning.

On our way over to Merritt Island we passed this sign. I wasn’t planning on doing any swimming today but this sign convinced me!

A short way down the road, we encountered several black vultures feasting on a wild pig which was apparently a ‘road kill’ victim.

I had never seen an Armadillo in the wild, so this one was a first for me. As we peddled back to the truck later in the day, there were more armadillos to photograph to end the day.

As we cycled along some of the Merritt Island NWR roads, we saw some pretty mean-looking alligators.

Of course, there were some other not so mean-looking creatures as well.




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