Update on progress

UPDATE: As Graeme and I get this new website/blog format up and running, we are moving a great deal of photographic material over from other locations and consolidating that photographic material into this one site.  In order to maintain our sanity during this process, we’re thinking of this as just a lot of practice for our upcoming African safari :-).

FROM OUR ARCHIVES: We have also been going through our archives of over 70.000 photos, and slowly adding backdated blog entries to post new images that we just haven’t had the time to post when they were taken.  For instance, Graeme just posted some of his shots from an S.P.C.A. Modelshoot of last month and the first of many pages of photos from his European Tour 2009.

FLORA and FAUNA DATABASES: Behind the scenes, I am working on consolidated pages for many of my flora and fauna shots. A few hundred of these shots are already available in the on-line international Avibase and similar on-line insect databases but not as easily located within my own postings so I’m trying to improve on that.

SEARCH FUNCTION: The search function within our MPT site is now operational. We continuing to add tags to allow you to search by topic or key word to make it easier to find our other MPT blog entries that might coincide with common interests.

PERFECTION: Still a work in progress :-).

We certainly enjoy sharing the photographic moments both face-to-face and in our on-line postings. We enjoy photographing interesting people, places and things and sharing in this manner. Hope you will continue to enjoy the outcome of our efforts and come back for a visit often!


About Ron

Ron has long had an interest in photography and traveling and, in recent years, has had more time to devote to both activities. Long a Pentax user, Ron switched to Nikon gear when he went digital. The advent of the digital SLR camera, and the ease of the internet blogging process, has provided a venue for sharing his photography and travel experience at the local, national and international level. More about Ron
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