Day 0 – European Inspiration – Sherlock Holmes Museum

Day 0 – European Inspiration – Sherlock Holmes Museum

As any fan of the books or movies knows, 221b Baker Street is The Place to go! It’s just south of Regents Park and right around the corner from Madame Tussauds (London). There is also a statue of the Great Detective not too far off as well.

And if that wasn’t enough for you to deduce the location of the museum (as some people may point out there really wasn’t a 221b baker street in his time), I’m sure that the green sign (shown above), and the era appropriate police man standing outside, will surely point you on your way (and through the right door to purchase a ticket).

The Museum does have a webpage with information about Hours of Operation and Admission Fees, but  the museum website does not have many pictures. There is, however, a youtube video that someone has made. I’ve embedded below for your enjoyment.

Each floor of Sherlock’s home is filled with memorabilia from his many adventures. The main floor has the Parlour room where one can sit down and enjoy the ambiance.

There is further memorabilia in the various rooms, along with placards explaining what some of it is, although any fan of the books could tell you if they have a keen sense of detail, not unlike Holmes himself.

Also upstairs are rooms full of wax reincarnations of various characters in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle series.

Overall: In my opinion, it’s one of the pricier choices around London considering a “bang for buck” enjoyment, but if you’re a Sherlock Holmes Fan, it’s worth the trip and the admission charge. Unfortunately, you may not meet the Great Detective himself as he and Watson take turns greeting the many visitors, but if Holmes is out, you get to wear his hat and play with his pipe.

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