Lake Placid, New York

My wife and I were able to get away for another short vacation.  We visited Lake Placid. On our way down to Lake Placid, we stopped for a bit to take a look at St. Regis Falls (one of my favourite little falls along the way)

We were staying in the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid and the weather for the weekend did not look all that promising when we arrived at our destination.

The Mirror Lake Inn is an upscale but rustic sort of place with lovely fireplaces and antique furnishings in many parts of the complex and, for those who like snow shoes over their headboard, there are many interesting decorations to look at.

After a good night’s sleep we were ready to tackle the next day and explore a bit more of Lake Placid, Mirror Lake and the surrounding area including a drive up Whiteface Mountain and a hike to the top of Cascade Mountain and Porter Mountain. The drizzle and fog continued to plague us through part of our trip but did clear for the Cascade Mountain portion.

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