Lake Placid and Mirror Lake, New York

We had arrived the night before and were staying at the Mirror Lake Inn.  Weather continued to be rather unpredictable. The drizzle of the night before had subsided but low menacing clouds continued to hover over the valley. It was one of those types of days where sitting inside in front of a nice warm fireplace seemed to make sense. Although an interesting thought, that thought was not congruous with something that I might have wanted to do in the middle of an August day.

Even though the fireplace and the possibility of tea service had some appeal to my wife, we decided to take a chance on the weather and go for a walk around mirror lake. She got to carry the umbrella 🙂

Adirondack Community Church

The walk around Mirror Lake is a combination of sidewalks and roadways and provides many unhindered views of the lake itself, the community of Lake Placid and Mirror Lake on the opposite shores and, on a clear day, the surrounding hills.

The shore walk is quite pleasant and as we passed, we moved from open expanses into more wooded terrain before arriving back at the Inn to plan the rest of the day. The umbrella had been needed for a few moments during the walk but the weather was clearing a bit so we decided, as we walked past the entrance to Northwood School, to take a chance and take the drive to the summit of Whiteface Mountain.

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