Cascade Mountain trail, Adirondacks High Peaks Region

When I’m hiking on my own and staying in a tent, breakfast can be a rather meager and stark affair, but my wife was with me this trip so, breakfast was a bit more sumptuous. Nothing against the law about eating well before climbing in the Adirondacks, I guess, so I ate well this morning :-).

When we arrived at the trailhead, the weather looked very promising with no threat of rain and moderate temperatures, a great improvement over the previous two days.

The Cascade Mountain trail is heavily traveled because it is readily accessible from the side of the highway and is a relatively straightforward trail with no really steep sections and no ‘technical climbing’ experience or equipment required. The round trip to the summit is easily accomplished in one day even if you stop first for a sumptuous breakfast :-).

The trail itself drains very well so although it is one of the most heavily traveled trails in the High Peaks Region, it dries fairly well with no extended sections of mud to walk through.

We were hiking the trail after two days of rain had fallen and encountered only a couple of places where the trail was still slippery and these were near to the trailhead rather than on the steeper sections.

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