Celtic Steps, Killarney, Republic of Ireland

Quick post about this Irish dancing and music concert I went to (along with most of the people on our tour). The cost was 30 Euros for a ticket and our Bus driver drove us to and from the venue. They have a website for more info – https://www.celticsteps.ie/ on the details on dates and how to get tickets if you are in the region independent of a tour company. This is more a short review given its one of the more expensive things to do on the Busabout / Shamrocker Adventures “All Ireland Rocker” and “Southern Rocker” coach tours.

All the info you could ever need is written on the ticket.

Now video isn’t allowed during the show (photos are without flash were permitted) and I didn’t want to annoy guests by attempting to take high quality photos as I was just another guest and not on assignment (good time to mention I wasn’t paid/compensated for this review). So here are some photos of the show and a quick review.

The performance is a combination of Irish step and tap dancing as one would expect to see in larger travelling productions we sometimes get in North America along with traditional Irish Music and Singing of Celtic heritage songs. All told its quite a variety show that is put together on a single stage.

Getting whisked away but a beautiful but haunting Irish song in Gaelic verses, a powerful performance.

One of the favorite segments for me was a series of songs performed on uilleann pipes (Irish bag pipes that use an arm pump for air rather than breathing into the chanter). It was quite a treat to hear these pipes played by a real professional and they do sound similar but different from their more common Scottish cousins.

Riveting Dances and Celtic Music

The celtic step dancing was on beat, and the roster of dancers is filled with competition winning athletes who mid-performance put on an impressive dancing duel of ultra fast steps… mind blowing how fast their feet moved and clicked against the floor.

Fiddle, Irish Flute, Bodhrán (Hand Drum) and uilleann pipes were the traditional instruments on stage.

The only gripe I have about the show was how late it started, I don’t know if its due to our early arrival to get the “best seats” but the whole house was sitting for quite some time until the actual show started around 9pm (not 8:30 as printed on the ticket) so plan for a late but enjoyable evening.

While the Uilleann pipes are out of my price range I later picked up a Bodhran beater (double headed drum stick) to give it a go on my native american inspired hand drum at home.

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