Epilogue – Leaving the Republic of Ireland

Well first I will say it was a whirl wind tour of the Emerald Isle, covering all the major hot-spots in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Again the tour I was on was the All Ireland Rocker with Shamrocker Adventure Tours booked through Busabout (I got a past customer discount). It was a 7 day trip (9 days if you tack on a travel day in and out of the country). Overall its a fast pace trip and generally appeals to people in their 20s-30s although we did have some older travelers along with us to balance out the group. The trip really isn’t ideal for people with mobility issues as many of the hostels (not hotels) require a certain amount of stairs or inclines , plus you can’t always get the bottom bunk… trust me I tried!

One last surprise stop – the Rock of Cashel

First I want to give a special thanks to my tour mates on this trip, I managed to get ten times as many photos of myself as normal given I’m not a huge “selfie” fan.

I’d normally never be able to get photos like this…

I also wanted to say a bit on Irish food on this trip. While the morning food was “meh” the island more than made up with it with great lunches and dinners! Although not 100% traditionally Irish, potatoes did make it on the menu more than once… and yes I ate pizza three time on this trip.

Flying over to England was a breeze although getting to the gate was an adventure in on its own (the plane leaves from a sub gate away from the main terminal, so you need to show up to board a transport that takes you to another gate where you then walk out to get on the airplane).

So Long Ireland, its been green!

Weather was great in Ireland and I was fortunately flying out in front of some pretty mean looking clouds… looks like my England portion of the trip is about to get wet!

Morning Flight Out Look over the Wing… are those rain clouds I see?

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