Chasing Rainbows and Pots of Gold – Ridge Road, Ottawa

Chasing Rainbows and Pots of Gold – Ridge Road, Ottawa

After photographing Chickadees in Nepean, I headed east toward Mer Bleue Bog. It was one of those strange days weatherwise, a bit of sun, a lot of clouds, intermittent rain and a strong wind was blowing the flags around

Looking off to the east, I kept seeing rainbows coming and going, brightening for a while and then disappearing altogether until another cloud and rain shower lined up with the bit of sun peeping through to develop another prism effect. I was approaching Ridge Road when I got an open view of a new rainbow just forming. It disappeared almost as quickly as it formed but I was able to get my camera out for a quick shot.

After walking along a winter ski trail, I was lucky enough to have a clear view of another rainbow when it formed.

I didn’t find any gold along the trail but did find a few other things that caught my attention :-).

My legs haven’t fully recovered from a couple of soccer injuries so, although I would have liked to have walked a few more kilometers, I decided better for it, made my way back up onto the road and headed back to my car past colourful maples that still had their leaves.

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