Conroy Pit – Ottawa, Ontario

Conroy Pit – Ottawa, Ontario

The Conroy Pit Recreation Area is an off-leash dog park as well as the site of a popular winter destination tobogganing hill. Weekends in particular, the parking lot is full to overflowing. (Parking Lot)(Location)

There are a number of types of trails in the park ranging from a wide gravel roadway to much narrower leaf covered woodland trails. Lots of dogs. Lots of people.

The winds and rains of the past week have stripped many of the trees of their colourful Fall foliage but in sheltered areas there was still plenty of color to find.

Ottawa’s other large off-leash area for dog owners to visit is at Bruce Pit on the west end of the city.



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  1. William Hay says:

    I love the way you’ve captured the autumn colours so well, Ron. Amazingly vibrant. I think my own camera must have a ‘washed out lens’ look to it. The park looks lovely too. When I’m visitting with Gilbert I’m sure he’d like to sniff and pee all over it.

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