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Ogdensburg, NY – 2011 re-enactment of the French& Indian War

I arrived back from Italy on Saturday night and on Sunday joined with Graeme and others for a trip to Ogdensburg, NY to photograph the second day of the annual re-enactment activities. I will be continuing to post more images from my Italian trip photos first before working on the Ogdensburg photos.  Likewise, Graeme has some other projects that have priority, but we will get around to posting images from Ogdensburg sooner rather than later :-).  For a glimpse at the images from the re-enactments of the past two years please take a look at: Ogdensburg, NY.

UPDATE: September 8, 2011

– The water battle portion of the 2011 re-enactment has now been uploaded. Water Battle Re-enactment of French and Indian War at Ogdensburg, NY July 24th, 2011
– The land battle portion of our 2011 re-enactment photos has now been uploaded. Land Battle Re-Enactment of the French and Indian War at Ogdensburg, NY July 24th, 2011

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