Blog postings from my Italian trip = an updated list and progress report.

The following active links will get you directly to the updated posts for those days or areas of the trips. Where a location is indicated but doesn’t have a live link, then it is a period of the trip that I am still working on. My plan is to have each post that I finish appear at the start of the home page as a July 30th, 2011 dated posting  for a day or two and then move the post into its correct July date placement by chronological order of the day of the event.

1) Heading out – covers the air flight from Ottawa to Montreal, Quebec
2) Across the Atlantic Ocean – covers the air flight from Montreal to Zurich, Switzerland
3) Malpensa Airport,Milan to Como, Italy – Like any tourist might be, I was excited about being back on the ground and starting a holiday in a new country.
4) Como, Italy – photographs taken in and around Como, Italy
5) Bellagio, Italy – photographs taken during a side tour to Bellagio, Italy which is situated on the shores of Lake Como.
6) Lugano, Switzerland – photographs of our side trip to Lugano, Switzerland
7) Milan, Italy – blog is still a work in progress.
8) Milan to Venice – blog is still a work in progress
9) Arriving in Venice – blog is still a work in progress.
10) Getting lost in the streets of Venice – the day I accidentally got separated from the main group and wandered the streets of Venice on my own (not actually lost – I knew where I was :-).
11) Natural History Museum of Venice – an interesting museum to visit and one of my photos is used in their displays.
12) Murano Island glass blowing – photos of the glass blower in action and some other images from along the canals.
13) Burano Island – the island with the houses of many colours.
14) More Venice canals and architecture – various views of the streets and canals of Venice.
15) Images of the Venice fish market – the fruit and fish markets were interesting and provided me with lots of photographic opportunities.
16) Florence, Italy – Many, many photos of some of the sights of Florence, Italy (Firenze).
17) Pisa, Italy – The Leaning Tower Of Pisa – An interesting tourist stop and everyone has to try and push the tower back up to vertical at least once :-).
18) Florence to the Amalfi Coast – an accident on the highway add to what was originally scheduled to be a long day in the bus.
19) Pompeii – 5 pages of photos of what a tourist might see as they walk the most-traveled tourist route through the ruins.
20) Positano and the Amalfi Coast
21) More Amalfi Coast images – the blog is still a work in progress.
22) Lunch in a country setting – photos of cheese and pizza making
23) A quick look at Naples.
24) Rome, The Vatican and the Sistine Chapel– a variety of images
25) Rome – The Colosseum – a series of images from inside the Colosseum
26) Rome – exploring ruins on the Palatine Hill – images of the ruins and panoramic views over historic Rome.
27) Miscellaneous Italian images = the blog is still a work in progress.

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Ron has long had an interest in photography and traveling and, in recent years, has had more time to devote to both activities. Long a Pentax user, Ron switched to Nikon gear when he went digital. The advent of the digital SLR camera, and the ease of the internet blogging process, has provided a venue for sharing his photography and travel experience at the local, national and international level. More about Ron
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