Snoqualmie to Yakima, Washington

Snoqualmie to Yakima, Washington Road reports from Snoqualmie Pass indicated that aside from a bit of poorer visibility, I should have no problems with road conditions. Snoqualmie Pass and a couple of other ridges between Snoqualmie and Yakima were the areas that concerned me the most when I was planning this winter road trip so getting through this area without any serious issues would certainly help keep me on schedule. Therefore, after making a tourist-style stop as Snoqualmie Falls, I was on the road again heading skyward into the mountain passes. Although the road was clear and dry, up ahead I could see that I would be soon encountering fog and possibly snow squalls. DSC_7476-roadway DSC_7479-roadway DSC_7480-snow-ahead DSC_7482-snow-ahead DSC_7487-road-signs DSC_7499-fog-ahead Although the fog and low-lying cloud cover reduced visibility to near zero for some short stretches of this portion of the trip and required a drop in speed on occasion to 30mph, there was no area where the roads were slippery so no need to install chains or rely on the 4 wheel drive capability of my brother’s truck.  At some locations, there was a heavy coating of frost on the trees and fences and gave the landscape a truly magical appearance. DSC_7500-Roadside DSC_7504-frosted DSC_7506-one-way-sign DSC_7507-frosted

Made it into Yakima, Washington without encountering any new problems once we began to drop in elevation form the higher passes and ridges.  Next day, would be the stretch from Yakima to Twin Falls.

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