Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Heading south from Vancouver to Las Vegas, stopped by the Snoqualmie Falls, Washington. Heck of a lot warmer here on the west coast then at home in Ottawa (-1C vs -25C). As mentioned in my previous post, the day had started off foggy and I had some concerns that I might encounter delays at the border but things had gone well and I was ahead of schedule so aside trip to Snoqualmie Falls was just the break from driving that I needed.

DSC_7460-falls DSC_7461-Falls


I still had to worry about getting through Snoqualmie Pass with the possibility of some visibility issues and some snow at the higher elevations so, although I might have liked to have explored the area around Snoqulamie a bit more, it wasn’t long before my gear was packed back into the truck and I was on my way again.

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