Wawa, Ontario – Tourist Points of Interest – Mackenzie/Bethune Cemetery

Wawa, Ontario – Tourist Points of Interest – Mackenzie/Bethune Cemetery

Access to the MacKenzie/Bethune Cemetery location is from a small pull-off a short distance above the bridge at Silver Falls. The trail through the woods is rather steep but also fairly short so not too difficult to reach the cemetery.  While we were visiting the cemetery our attention was drawn to the sound of many American Redstarts in the nearby bushes. These quick little birds were darting from location to location in the dim light of the underbrush and, although they occasionally came into the open, I and my camera were not quick enough to record their delightful colours.


  RON_3521-Tombstone-Mackenzi  RON_3520-Tombstone-Mackenzi

RON_3518-Mackenzie-Bethune- RON_3519-Bethune-cemetery-t

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