Breeding Bird Surveys (2013) – Day 4

Breeding Bird Surveys (2013) – Day 4 – June 6, 2013


Today’s route was a two-part route with the approximate half-way point being the small town of White River, Ontario (Winnie-the-Pooh town). The first half of the route was new to us so we had scouted out the route the night before and found that the gravel road was in good condition with no washouts, a great improvement over the gravel road conditions of the survey route of the day before. As we arrived at the starting point for today’s survey, the mist hung heavy over the silent waters of the lakes, ponds and valleys along the route. Soon after our survey began, the rising sun began to paint the sky in a broad assortment of colours and, with each turn in the road, the sky changed the show for the beginning of a new day.





The sun soon rose above the horizon and all of the early morning colour dissipated, leaving behind a beautiful blue sky for much of the rest of the morning. About 7:30 AM, the black flies woke up!

RON_3497-Morning-light   RON_3498-Reflections

The second half of the route followed the previous year’s route along a busy highway so my attention had to be focused on traffic and parking as far off the pavement as possible without ending up in the ditch :-).


Once the survey stops had been completed for the day, we headed south to Wawa, Ontario where we would spend the night. Our preferred location, Obatanga Provincial Park, was one of the Provincial Park camping locations closed for this season.

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